Lipstick Luvvie

This is just some basic information about me so that the product reviews and swatches I do can be put into context.

My name is Jennifer and I'm 26 years old (although I do like to pretend I only look about 22!).

I have very fair skin with pink undertones and if you are familiar with MAC foundation shades, I am NW15. One of my pet hates is brands that don't cater for cool toned skin and I have a real issue with foundations that make my face look yellow, I'm not and have no wish to be on The Simpsons! I imagine when I get my bus pass I'll still be searching for my holy grail foundation and concealer.

My skin at the moment is best described as oily/combination and I am currently doing battle with acne on both face and body.

I am quite obsessed with skincare and don't mind spending on this as I would prefer to have good skin than a great mask like foundation. My aim with makeup is always to enhance rather than to cover, although if my acne gets any worse that philosophy may well change!

The main concerns I have are acne obviously, stretch marks, some pigmentation caused by sun damage in my teens (I worked in a tanning salon at 16, I was young and naive) and dark circles that are made worse by having to take a ton of medication daily.

I have mid brown, shoulder length fine hair with a sensitive scalp and since altering medication, it has got quite greasy. I'm currently trying out some SLS free shampoos and conditioners and will post my results soon.

My eyes are quite a pale green so I tend to favour eye makeup that makes them more vivid. Anything with purple, burgundy or copper works for me.

I hope this description helps you understand where I'm coming from when I am reviewing and swatching but if I've missed anything out then feel free to contact me.