I really enjoy receiving emails (although not the viagra, bank scam kind!) so if you have a question or just want to say a friendly hello, you can get in touch at and I will try my best to reply as soon as possible. I have also just started tweeting as @LipstickLuvvies so you can find me there, bear with me though as I'm still quite new to it all!

I firmly believe that a girl can never have too many beauty products in her life (although my overcrowded bathroom and dressing table would tend to disagree) and I love to try new things. If you are a company and have a product that you think I might be interested in featuring on Lipstickluvvies, I'd love to hear from you. I (Jennifer) can be contacted at Please be aware though that I will review all items honestly and fairly, regardless of where they come from, as I respect my readers and my primary aim is to help them make informed choices when they shop.