About Me

I am not an industry insider or professional makeup artist, but I have been absolutely passionate about makeup and skincare for over a decade and I hope to share this enthusiasm with you through my blog. Whilst a university I fell ill with a chronic condition which has dramatically affected my mobility, meaning I am much less able to physically access the brands I would like. The result of this is that I now have to do most of my shopping online and the discovery of beauty blogs has been invaluable. Seeing other people's swatches and product reviews has given me the confidence to try brands and products I would otherwise never have known about and now I want to add my voice into the mix. 

I hope that through shared beauty knowledge we can sift through the thousands of products that break their meaningless promises and focus on the ones that really work. Beauty blogs should create a more informed and discerning beauty customer, leading to fewer unhappy purchases and more money to spend on the things we really love!

All the products I review, swatch and discuss have been bought by me unless otherwise stated and I strive to make my reviews as honest as possible regardless of how I have acquired the item. Please remember though that what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa, I can only talk about my personal experience with a product. Although beauty blogs are a great resource, I would always recommend where possible trying or swatching a product first in store or buying from a website with a great returns policy (MAC and QVC immediately spring to mind).