Thursday, 5 April 2012

Le Metier de Beaute arrives in the UK!

So probably every beauty blogger has possibly written about this today, I haven't checked, but today has turned into a wonderful day when the email arrived in my inbox saying Zuneta have started officially stocking Le Metier de Beaute, my favourite beauty brand in the world. What's more, they have the latest limited edition Northern Lights Lip and Eye kaleidoscopes in stock (lip one is now sold out).

I have been keeping up to date with kaleidoscopes thanks to some lovely American beauty bloggers but for once, I won't have to bother them anymore and can finally get Le Metier nail polish (you aren't meant to send it from the US to UK). I will try and write some posts in the next week on my favourite Le Metier items and contain my excitement but to give you an idea how much I love this brand, when considering holiday destinations last month I very nearly chose a cold Boston over Dubai and Abu Dhabi simply because they stock Le Metier. In the end hot weather won but not before I had worked out how much it would cost me to order the products I wanted from Nordstrom, expensive shipping and all. There is no other brand I would go to these extreme lengths for.

Less than two minutes after I saw the Zuneta email, I bought the latest kaleidoscope and I am having to sit on my credit card to not go crazy and buy more. Zuneta and Le Metier = one very happy Easter!

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