Friday, 6 April 2012

Poppy King for No.7 Lip Crayon vs Clinique Chubby Sticks

I was pretty impressed by the original Poppy King for No.7 range sold in Boots last year being a fan of Lipstick Queen, but was confused in my local store when they removed the No.7 Spring collection (which I wanted to buy) and replaced it with Poppy King. Again I thought? I didn't give it a second glance and rather stupidly, spent my £5 vouchers on mascara as I knew I already had the majority of the lipsticks and lip glosses from Poppy King. It was only when browsing the Boots website I realised a new product had come out, the Rain Drops Lip Crayon. Obviously I have been just as lax in reading beauty blogs as I have in writing my own!

Poppy King for No.7 Lip Crayons and Clinique Chubby Sticks
Firstly, let me confess I adore jumbo pencils/crayons of all types, be they eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, even concealer. I am lazy and appreciate anything that saves me time. I have long been a fan of the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils and tried out Clinique's Chubby Sticks last year, the latter turning into a gym bag staple. My only issue with the Chubby Sticks is that half the colours I don't find that appealing or exciting. I was very excited to see then the new Poppy King offerings as they are just my kind of colours. I have 3 Chubby sticks, 05 Chunky Cherry, a muted red, 07 Super Strawberry, a raspberry shade, and finally my favourite, 06 Woppin' Watermelon, a cool pink.

Left to right: Poppy King for No.7 Lip Crayons in Dancing, Singing and Playing
To keep things fair, I have purchased 3 Poppy King Lip Crayons to compare, in a vaguely similar shade range. Singing is a fuchsia pink, Playing a surprisingly vibrant coral and Dancing, a lighter pinky peach. The big difference between the two products is that the Chubby Sticks are twist up but the Poppy King have a sharpener attached to the lid. I prefer to sharpen them because my chubby Sticks were blunt after one use. This isn't a huge problem but it is easier to get a precise shape with Poppy King. This is useful as when swatched, her colours are far more vivid. They remind me more of a semi sheer lipstick rather than a tinted balm, similar in fact to the Nars Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils. I hope that the big difference in pigment comes through in the photos.

There are two colours left in the Poppy King range that I have yet to buy, a red and a dark berry. The lip crayons have surpassed my expectations and I will definitely be purchasing the other two when my credit card has recovered after the announcement yesterday of Le Metier de Beaute's arrival at Zuneta. No.7 was on 3 for 2 when I last checked so if you are interested in the lip crayons, now might be a good time to try them. There are £11.50 each from Boots but I never pay full price for any No.7 product, I always wait for either a voucher or a 3 for 2.

Swatches left to right: Poppy King Lip Crayon in Dancing, Singing, Playing, Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry, Chunky Cherry and Woppin' Watermelon
I still like my Clinique Chubby Sticks and they are slightly different enough colours to justify owning both, especially when I wear them daily, but Poppy King would win out if I was forced to choose only one brand. In terms of price and the amount of product you get, Clinique are more expensive at £13 but you get 3g of product, compared to 2.8g of Poppy King Lip Crayon. However, I prefer to think of the price of the Poppy King as around £7-8, as that is on average, what I pay when using the excellent Boots offers. If you wanted to try the Nars Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils but find them too expensive, the Poppy King Crayons are a great dupe. When I get a chance, I will do a comparison with those as well.

Poppy King for N0.7 is available at Boots online and in stores nationwide.

As a slight random aside, I saw the film Like Crazy today and would really recommend you see it if you get the chance. Starring Felicity Jones, it is probably the most realistic portrayal of young love I have ever seen on film. Along with Shame and The Hunger Games, it is my favourite film of the year so far.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Le Metier de Beaute arrives in the UK!

So probably every beauty blogger has possibly written about this today, I haven't checked, but today has turned into a wonderful day when the email arrived in my inbox saying Zuneta have started officially stocking Le Metier de Beaute, my favourite beauty brand in the world. What's more, they have the latest limited edition Northern Lights Lip and Eye kaleidoscopes in stock (lip one is now sold out).

I have been keeping up to date with kaleidoscopes thanks to some lovely American beauty bloggers but for once, I won't have to bother them anymore and can finally get Le Metier nail polish (you aren't meant to send it from the US to UK). I will try and write some posts in the next week on my favourite Le Metier items and contain my excitement but to give you an idea how much I love this brand, when considering holiday destinations last month I very nearly chose a cold Boston over Dubai and Abu Dhabi simply because they stock Le Metier. In the end hot weather won but not before I had worked out how much it would cost me to order the products I wanted from Nordstrom, expensive shipping and all. There is no other brand I would go to these extreme lengths for.

Less than two minutes after I saw the Zuneta email, I bought the latest kaleidoscope and I am having to sit on my credit card to not go crazy and buy more. Zuneta and Le Metier = one very happy Easter!