Saturday, 28 January 2012

Emma Hardie on QVC Beauty Day

A very quick post just to alert you to a fantastic new Emma Hardie kit on QVC. I started using Emma Hardie products over a year ago after getting a lot for Christmas and I haven't really stopped since. The star product is normally heralded as the Moringa Balm but every product deserves a gold star (and I've tried all but one). The great thing is that all of the products are reasonably priced compared to similar brands, as the sizes are so much bigger.
Emma Hardie Amazing Face set available at QVC
The set I wanted to mention contains a full size Moringa Cleansing Balm, a full size Professional Eye Serum, a full size Moisturising Cream, exfoliating seeds, professional cleansing cloth, slippers and most importantly a Votive Candle. I got the candle in a gift set last Christmas and it was the first scented candle I had ever used, let's just say it has started a slight obsession!

The best thing about the set is the price, it is £79.20 and currently on offer in 3 easy payments of £26.40 so the cost can be spread over 3 months. The full product details can be found here. If nearly £80 is too much, there are some cheaper starter kits also available that don't contain the full sizes but allow you to try the range. Remember that anything bought from QVC can be returned within 30 days even if used, which makes it my number one choice for skincare, allowing costly mistakes to be avoided.

I was lucky enough to attend a special talk by Emma herself back in summer and found her really inspirational. A lot of brands can feel so similar but speaking to Emma, you can see how much of herself and her background she has poured into the products. When I can take a break from law applications/interviews, I will write about all the products I have used in more detail but this evening I just wanted to let you know about this particular kit.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Chanel Jade vs Dior Waterlily NOTD

As you might have guessed from the title, I am of course talking about nail polish. The release a few years ago of Chanel Jade was what really sparked my interest in nails and I have been collecting colours ever since. Jade was very successful and incredibly difficult to get hold of so I thought that as Dior have just released a similar shade, a comparison might be useful in case you missed out first time around.

As you can hopefully tell from the above picture, Chanel Jade leans more Aqua than green. Both colours have a subtle turquoise micro shimmer running through them. The main difference to my eye is that the Chanel is cool toned, whereas the Dior is warm. The Dior is also meant to smell of flowers I think but that didn't influence my decision to buy it. Smelling it now, it sort of smell alike bad air freshener, so I would not buy it for scent alone!

3 coats of Chanel Jade applied + Nails Inc Caviar Top Coat

2 coats of Dior Waterlily applied + Nails Inc Caviar Top Coat

I don't own many Dior polishes so the different shaped brush has taken a bit of getting used to. The formula is quite a bit thicker than the Chanel, not necessarily a good thing. I had to use three coats of Chanel Jade and two of Dior Waterlily. I applied Jade to my left hand and Waterlily to my right and although I can tell the subtle difference, no one else has been able to yet. It is not often I am happy to go out with different colours on different hands but this gives you an indication of how similar the two shades are.

Bottom hand: Chanel Jade, Top Hand: Dior Waterlily

As I have cool undertones to my skin, I am always drawn to colours that are also cool, so unsurprisingly my favourite is the Chanel. However, if you missed out on it years ago or have warmer undertones, Waterlily is a great choice. Both are around the same price but you get 3ml more from Chanel.

Sorry for having been very lax on the posting front but January is a hectic time in the law recruitment cycle. I officially have my law degree now so it is on with the training contract applications. the applications are probably more time consuming than my studies and having to travel to London for interviews etc means I am seeing far too much of St Pancras International, and not enough of Space NK and Selfridges. If by some miracle I do get a training contract through the Tom Ford counter will be my first port of call. Hopefully I will have a bit more time to blog in the Spring and I will hold a giveaway at 250 followers as a thank you, something Edward bess shaped I think.

A very belated Happy New Year to everyone!