Saturday, 3 December 2011

Favourite Nail Polish of the Year - Butter London The Black Knight

Title of the post says it all really. I tend to shy away from glitter polishes because some can seem very tacky and they can be awful to remove and often require 4+ coats to get an opaque finish. I have none of these problems with The Black Night from Butter London.

Butter London The Black Knight - £12

Released as part of the Butter London Christmas collection, it is a charcoal/black base with very fine red, fuchsia and blue glitter. It sounds like it probably shouldn't work, but it does. It is a sophisticated take on glitter, an alternative to red and metallics for Christmas and just two coats gave me a perfect finish.

I picked up Estee Lauder Metallic Sage (finally) this week as well and thought that could be a favourite, but when The Dark Night arrived through the post Metallic Sage was removed straight away to make room for this stunning colour. If you have been looking at the latest OPI Collection, which is very glitter heavy, but not necessarily the best quality glitter, I would highly recommend this. I doubt it will be coming off my nails until 2012!

2 coats of The Black Knight + top coat

I bought The Black Knight for £12 from


  1. I'm on a real glitter nails binge at the mo, this colour is gorgeous.

  2. Essie do some great glitters & metallics, including Carnival, which is a glitter you can apply over your favorite colour, which I love.

  3. That is so pretty, I didn't think I needed it but I can see now that I do! :)

  4. That is a avery happy colour whilst still being wintery. Looks great.

  5. This is such a gorgeous colour and I think that Isadora came out with a very similar looking black glitter this season as well, will need to check it out as well! x