Saturday, 5 November 2011

Nieman Marcus, Houston - Help needed!

This is a bit of a strange post that probably only applies to American readers but here goes. My brother is heading off on a business trip to Houston tomorrow so obviously, I don't want to miss the opportunity to guilt trip him into picking up some beauty products for me. I did try this before but with little success, lesson learnt is I have to be very specific on what I want and where to get it from, and then continuously pester him until he relents!

As we no longer get Le Metier de Beaute in Europe, I think Niemans in Houston stocks it. Can anyone clarify this and has anyone been to the store in Houston, i.e. is it easy to find for a 31 year old male? The address says it is in the Galleria, is that the main mall in the area? Try as I might I can't get a list of what beauty brands an individual Niemans has, only what is available online so my other question is do most Niemans have a Chantecaille and Edward Bess counter?

Finally, Tom Ford Beauty seems to work out quite a bit cheaper in the US and it has just appeared online at Nieman Marcus. Does this mean it is unlikely to be in actual stores next week? Anywhere else I should try and convince my brother to visit whilst he's in Houston?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I was in San Antonio last year and went to the LMdB counter in Neiman Marcus there. I think there's a very good chance there's one in Houston as it's so much bigger than SA :)

  2. Oh, and I didn't see an EB or Chantecaille counter, but you might have better luck in Houston. The rest of the counters I saw were pretty standard (Bobbi Brown, Chanel etc) but of course, with lower prices ;)

  3. Hi Jennifer, I checked via Twitter and the Houston NM definitely has LMdB. You may want to pose your other questions to @neimanmarcus directly? They replied quite quickly. I can't wait to see your haul :D
    Jane x

  4. There is definitely a LMdB in Houston


    2600 POST OAK BLVD
    HOUSTON, TX 77056

    PHONE: 713-621-7100

  5. Sarah - Thanks for that. I couldn't believe when I was checking out prices how much cheaper even stuff like Tom Ford is in the US, £62 a quad here, £50 in the US. Am desperate to go on a short trip to the States now just to go shopping! x

    Jane - That was so kind of you to check for my, I had forgotten all about using Twitter, time to get back on it I think! My brother made the silly mistake of admitting that the hotel he is staying at is actually in the mall, so I don't think he has any excuse for not bringing me back something now! x

    Luck - Thanks for the address, I will pass it on to my brother and perhaps give them a call tomorrow to check which Le Metier kaleidoscopes they have in stock x