Monday, 24 October 2011

Monday Manicure - Le Metier de Beaute Rock n Romance

So exams are finally over (well, at least for a year anyway) and my nails are freshly painted. Everything is right with the world! To celebrate not having any revision to do, I managed to waste all of yesterday watching four Superman films back to back, and the fourth was truly awful (what were they thinking?!), but I broke out some new nail polishes in an attempt at productivity and getting back to blogging.

I had been lusting after this limited edition set of four nail polishes from Le Metier de Beaute for ages but as it is not available in the UK, couldn't decide if it was worth the crazy international shipping. Obviously I caved (well, I deserve something for completing my exams!) and I'm pleased I did.

The bottles are tiny, just 3.5ml each, but the polish is excellent quality and I have never used even half a bottle of polish, let alone a full one. All four shades are metallic, 2 with a subtle shimmer and 2 with holographic micro glitter.

Le Metier de Beaute Rock n Romance Set

I chose what looked like a graphite micro glitter from the bottle for my hands and am delighted with the result. The finish is very similar to that of Butter London's All Hail McQueen, but a bit darker. Although a dark grey, there is still a warmth to it and it can look like a mid brown in some lights. The holographic micro glitter is similar to that you'd find in the OPI Designer Series. The colour I'm wearing is called Chrome Passion. The other shade with the same finish is a mid-blue called Midnight Rendezvous, but that will have to wait until next week.

2 coats of Chrome Passion applied + top coat

The two shades with a metallic shimmer (but no micro glitter) are a ruby red, Heat of the Night, and a light champagne, True Romance. I think that the set is exclusive to Nordstrom in the US but it should still be available.

My one major criticism is the brushes. As these are very small bottles, the brushes are equally small and made application very difficult. I was just about able to do my finger nails but on my toes it was far more difficult. It took about 6 vertical stripes to cover my big toe nail and made it much harder to get a uniform finish. The colours are so beautiful and the polish such good quality though that I can forgive this fault. It is worth the extra time in application for the compliments I have received on this colour.

This just gives me another reason to mourn the loss of what quickly became my favourite cosmetics brand in the UK. I know there were rumours that Le Metier were hoping for an online presence here back in June but nothing has happened so far. Does anyone know anything more about this? I would be so happy if they returned to Europe!


  1. I just love these polishes. The bottles are small, but the colours are beautiful!

  2. All these colours look so beauitful. I really wish LMdB was easier available to us in Europe, ah! x