Saturday, 17 September 2011

Les Jeans de Chanel Nail Colours - swatches and potential dupes

Released for Vogue's recent Fashion Night Out, Chanel came out with three new and very limited edition nail colours called Les Jeans de Chanel. As the name suggests, they are based on denim so there is a light blue with the merest hint of subtle shimmer, a mid blue and a darker blue. In a similar way to last years Les Khakis de Chanel, the colours are designed to be worn on different fingers so you get all three shades on the one hand.

As you can see from the pictures (along with my denim collection!), Blue Rebel is the darkest. Blue Boy is a mid blue and Coco Blue is the lightest. Blue Rebel and Blue Boy are both cremes but Coco Blue has a minuscule amount of shimmer giving it a slightly different finish. It is actually my least favourite as the other two blues seem to have a grey base to them, so the white in Coco Blue makes it quite stark in comparison. Having said that though, when worn all together on one hand, as I have done for the past week, they work well.

Index finger: Blue Boy, Middle finger: Coco Blue, Ring finger: Blue Rebel, Little finger: Blue Boy

For all three colours I applied two coats and one top coat of Seche Vite. The photos were taken a couple of days after application so the wear has been good. All the polishes were easy to apply.

I have quite a few blue nail polishes in my collection so thought I would try a compare and contrast to see if I had anything similar. Out of approximately 30 bottles I felt sure I would but the only shade I would consider calling a dupe was for Coco Blue. I couldn't find anything in the same colour family as the darker blues because of the grey undertones, although the navy blues in OPI's latest Touring America collection look similar. When I get mine I will have a closer look and let you know if I'm right.

To give you a better idea of the exact colours of the Chanel, I've photographed each polish with the nearest shades I could find plus swatches. At £17.50 a bottle hopefully it will help you make a more informed decision on whether to buy.

Left to right: Butter London Artful Dodger, Chanel Coco Blue, OPI What's With The Cattitude, Chanel Nouvelle Vague

Swatches left to right: BUtter London Artful Dodger, Chanel Coco Blue, OPI What's With the Cattitude, Chanel Nouvelle Vague
You should be able to see from the bottles and swatches that Artful Dodger is darker and more green and Nouvelle Vague looks more similar to Chanel Jade than Coco Blue. However, OPI What's With The Cattitude (from the Shrek Collection) is almost identical to Coco Blue. The only difference is the OPI is a true creme and the Chanel has that tiny element of shimmer, but that is barely noticeable.

Left to right: OPI Ski Teal We Drop, Chanel Blue Boy, OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui

Swatches left to right: OPI Ski Teal We Drop, Chanel Blue Boy, OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui
Hard as I tried I couldn't find anything close to Blue Boy. Nothing had the right undertone. It is surprising as I thought it would be easy to dupe but Chanel have done it again, coming up with a simple yet unique shade.

Left to right: OPI Suzi Skies in the Pyranees, Chanel Blue Rebel, Nails Inc Halkin Street

Swatches left to right: Nails Inc Halkin Street, Chanel Blue Rebel, OPI Suzi Skies in the Pyranees
Like Boy Blue, I couldn't find anything similar to Blue Rebel. This is the colour I would be most likely to wear alone on my nails as I find a lot of darker blues look too much like black. Although this is dark, you can definitely tell it is a blue on the nail as well as in the bottle.

Last year I was far too slow on buying Les Khakis and had to resort to paying stupid eBay prices, which were not worth it at all as I didn't really like any of the trio. However, this year I planned in advance and did a telephone order with Harrods. It's the first time I've ordered makeup by phone and was concerned the counter staff would not be happy me calling them the moment the store opened on a Saturday but they couldn't have been more helpful. I spoke to Anna and the whole order was done in less than two minutes and arrived on the Monday. Shipping is expensive but the service was excellent so I would highly recommend it if you are desperate (like me) for something that isn't available online and you can't get to the store.

Les Jeans de Chanel are limited edition and cost £17.50 each.


  1. i dont think i will ever buy this but i think it's really pretty, especially as a (my mind's gone blank) gradient effect manicure like you did xx is it ombre? i forgot the word x

  2. I passed on Blue Boy because I think I have a MAC shade that is close. I'm glad I have the other two though (even if they are similar to a few shades in my stash). I'm planning on doing something similar and doing some comparison swatches =)

    Hope you are well and I owe you a long email
    xx jeanie

  3. Very pretty, I like the look of Blue Boy the best. I like your pic of all your blue toned polishes together, you have quite a collection :)

  4. Great post! I'm not a huge fan of blue polish, so I didn't think these would really appeal to me, but they do look gorgeous! Sure I'll be picking up at least one of them, just need to decide on which one x

  5. Love these, especially Blue Boy x

  6. I absolutely love the manicure you did with these colors! xx