Thursday, 18 August 2011

One very expensive Manicure!

As the new makeup line from Tom Ford is due to launch soon, I thought now would be a good time to show you the nail polish that was included in the limited edition Black Orchid gift set released last Christmas.
Originally I passed on it as I had never tried the fragrance, but once I tested it in a Space NK in London and saw they still had some of the sets available, I caved. I would imagine that the Tom Ford line will include nail polishes and probably this colour so although it might be hard to find now, it may be easier in the next few months?

Tom Ford Nail Colour in Black Orchid (part of a set)
I will be incredibly disappointed if there isn't a nail range as the quality of the polish is the best I have ever encountered. I didn't apply it particularly well and it was nearly opaque in one coat, but two coats and a top coat of Seche Vite have lasted 10 days with no chips, unheard of for me. I have had some tip wear but considering I've been swimming a lot the last fortnight, that's to be expected.

Chanel Rouge Noir and Tom Ford Black Orchid side by side
The colour itself, called black orchid, is very similar to the iconic Chanel Rouge Noir, but maybe a fraction lighter and with a bit more brown in it. It is the same shade as the lipstick in Black Orchid from the Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick range.

Having worn brights all summer, I love wearing a more sophisticated shade more suited to the current weather we are having here (outside is grey and raining). Even though I really like Chanel polishes, the Tom Ford beats it hands down for quality. I'm just upset that my pictures don't really do it justice as my cuticles are in bad shape and the photos were taken a few days after the polish was first applied.

Chanel Rouge Noir applied

Tom Ford Black Orchid applied
If, and this is a big if, the upcoming makeup range does include nail products, I would urge you to try them out. I have no idea what price they would be as this polish was part of a £90 set, the lipstick would be £35 and I'm not sure how much the solid perfume compact would be (I'll review the whole set later). However, you can bet all the new products will be expensive. Regardless, I am hoping that nail polishes appear in the shades of Cherry Lush and Pure Pink, my favourite lipstick shades.

The Black Orchid Gift Set was limited edition and cost £90 from Space NK. I have seen it still available in some of the London stores but it isn't online.

Finally, if you haven't already, check out my huge blog sale as there is still lots left including Chanel Nail Polishes, lipsticks, Nars, Ellis Faas, OPI etc. I am having a massive clear out (to make space for even more cosmetics!).


  1. This is lovely - it makes me think of damson jam and warm boots. It is fab, bring on the autumn. Thanks for this. Jan x

  2. That is gorgeous! I can't wait for the release of the expanded TF range. I can't imagine it will disappoint though I know it is likely to give my purse a death squeeze!!
    Jane x

  3. Whoah, that's pretty expensive! But a stunning colour! :)


  4. What an amazing shade, totally my colour. I am actually wearing a blackened red this week, wanted something darker, too x