Friday, 5 August 2011

Nail freebies and fabulous feet

I am a sucker for magazines, even though I normally end up wondering why I wasted my money by the final page, but at least in recent months there have been a lot of good freebies which are an added bonus. We had the Nails Inc full size polish with In Style, Benefit miniatures with Glamour, it seems the magazines desperately want our business.
Magazine freebies and TK Maxx Bargains
This month I picked up a free Ciate full size polish with Marie Clare, there are 2 shades to choose from, and a mini Mavala polish with Elle. I have never tried these two nail ranges before and they are shades I would actually have chosen (a rarity) so tonight I thought I'd test them out. I also got a full size Ciate nail polish in my July Glossy Box, a shade called Kitten Heels, so that went straight on my toes (it is a warm red shimmer).

Left to right: Ciate Paint Pot in Wait Until Dark, Ciate Paint Pot in Kitten Heels
The Ciate polishes come in very cute bottles with a little black bow attached. They don't just look pretty though, the long handle makes applying the polish easy. The colour I chose is called Wait Until Dark and is a dark purple shimmer. It reminds me a lot of some OPI shades, in particular one from the Russian Collection (can't recall the name offhand). The quality also is reminiscent of OPI, two coats gave a perfect finish. If Ciate was more widely available and I could see the colours in person, I would definitely buy a few more colours. I will almost certainly be buying another copy of Marie Clare to get the other lighter shade.

2 coats of Ciate Wait Until Dark applied plus top coat
Ciate Kitten Heels applied to my feet (sorry you get a feet picture but I ran out of hands to demo on!)
Ciate nail polishes cost £9 and the magazine costs £3.60 and isn't a bad read this month, so I highly recommend getting a copy.

Next up is the mini Mavala polish. I think these miniatures only cost £2.99, less than the price of Elle, but this colour has been specially made for the magazine. Called Elle Grey, it is quit a light grey creme, about one of the only colours in existence I don't already have in my collection. Surprisingly, it gives great coverage and two coats was all I needed. It is an excellent quality polish, but as the magazine is more expensive than the product, unless you already read Elle or desperately want this particular shade, you are better off picking your own miniature from the Mavala website.

2 coats of Mavala Elle Grey applied + top coat
Finally, as I am all into bargains this week, I popped into TK Maxx this afternoon to see what was around in the beauty section. There were a couple of Leighton Denny and Nails Inc sets but I was most excited to pick up the Margaret Dabbs Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion and Intensive Treatment Foot Oil. I use the foot lotion already as it is the best I've ever tried and I got mine from QVC. Also available from Space NK, the retail price of each product is £25, but in TK Maxx there were £10 each.

I used both products after my DIY pedicure and the oil is just as good as the lotion. You need such a small amount that the 200ml bottle should last ages. I will be making sure I pop into my local TK Maxx for often!


  1. Snap! I got that same shade of Ciate in my glossybox and just the other day picked up the magazine to get that purple shade, I've not yet tried it yet but can see its going to be good from your applied pic. Furthermore I too went into TK Maxx as I heard that some people were getting NARS from there, sadly it wasn't there only Jemma Kidd and the discontinued Calvin Klein stuff, I think its worth popping in time to time though like you say x

  2. Oh wow, I would be so happy if I saw Nars stuff there! Jemma Kidd wouldn't be too bad either but there was hardly any makeup at mine, as you say, just a lot of Calvin Klein. I'm not too used to shopping there but is stock usually similar around the country? Do they get knew stuff in pretty quickly? I walk by about 3 times a week but stupidly, rarely go in, I head straight for Boots and Debenhams instead. Seems I've been making a mistake! x

  3. Lovely goodies! I just bought a bottle of the Margaret Dabbs Intensive foot oil after hearing good things, and it is great stuff! Did they change the packaging recently though? Mine came in a white and purple spray bottle x

  4. HI Nat, I think the packaging change is why these products were in TK Maxx. It all used to be the orange & red style but now it is the more modern/stylish packaging that you've got x

  5. Its the first time I have been to the store, some of the Jemma Kidd stuff was "interesting" colours. From what I have read online its meant to be mostly the same stuff in all the stores which is why I ran there where I read about people picking up Nars, perhaps I wasn't quick enough ;)