Saturday, 13 August 2011

A cry for help!

I am having major issues with my eyes at the moment. My eyelash extensions had been on for a month and were looking a bit ragged. As I couldn't get to London to have maintenance or professional removal, I thought I'd try it myself. Big mistake. I used both oil and balm type cleansers on my eyes to dissolve the glue and much blurred vision and redness a few hours later (I looked like I had been crying for a month) there were still some stubborn lashes there. I have given up now and that was a few days ago.

I have been using my regular eye cream, Sarah Chapman Eye Repair but today, my left eye looks horrendous. I should add I have started swimming regularly in the last fortnight which involves putting my head under, as well as copious use of the sauna. When I returned from my swim today though my eyes are really sore and more worrying, the eyelid and under inner eye area looks wrinkled and cracked, a bit like sunburn almost. It feels like sandpaper and I have no idea quite what to do.

I think that with the eye cream I use it should go that close to the eye but it desperately feels like it needs something to replenish it and stop the cracking etc. It is like I have aged 60 years in a couple of hours. Does anyone have any idea what type of product I should be using on it? Would Lucas Papaw ointment or Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream be a dreadful idea? If it were anywhere else that is what I would use but the eyes are so delicate I don't want to make things worse.

Please, please someone come to my rescue with some ideas. I really don't want to end up seeing the doctor next week and having to explain eyelash extensions to him!


  1. I would stop using too many products.
    My dad's a GP and in situations like this he just recommends aqueous cream. It's used for the likes of urticaria and eczema so should soothe and soften well.
    Hope it gets better!

  2. What about seeing an eyelash expert, who could diagnose the problem? I'm no expert AT ALL but it could be bits of glue are in your eyes and irritating them? Call one up and make an emergency appointment possibly. Give it a try! If not, although it could be embarrassing for you, the doctor shouldn't mind helping out!

  3. It sounds like you could just as easily have picked something up from the pool as the attack on the lashes. I'd def associate the sandpaper feeling with an infection of some sort. You could try the pharmasist first, but otherwise I'd brave the GP. Not worth the risk when it comes to your eyes. xx

  4. I found that the extensions sucked the moisture out of my eye area and actually prevented my lashes from doing their proper job of keeping my eyes free from debris. I would avoid putting anything oily on them. Aqueous cream wouldn't be appropriate for your eyes either. I think it could make matters much worse. If your eyes are sore, I would use eye drops (I had to do that) and I would find someone locally that can remove the remaining lashes asap.

    If you suspect you have an eye infection I'd visit the doctor. A pharmacist could advise in the meantime until you can get an appointment. I hope your eyes are better soon xx

  5. Either go see an optician or the chemist and get some drops for that. I work at an opticians and that don't sound good. Like an infection has set in

  6. I would try eyedrops for infected/itchy eyes (Optrex ones are good, from Boots) good luck sounds horrible! And I think GPs are used to all sorts of ridiculous causes of ailments! xxx

  7. Please see an optician as soon as possible.

  8. Thanks for your help everyone. Turns out it is some kind of burn, not pretty, as the sauna at the gym was far too hot. Other people had complained with a similar thing. The eye is no longer painful, just not a pleasant sight as the skin is peeling, so I guess I was right when I described it as feeling like sunburn.

    Lesson learnt: When the sauna temperature gauge is in the red section, do not go in!!!!