Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Chantecaille The New Classic Palette - Swatches and review

Finally a palette from Chantecaille that I really think is worth the price. This is new for autumn and as the name says, is the New Classic Palette. It isn't one of the special limited edition ones where a percentage of the price goes to a specific charity, so you don't get any two toned effect turtles etc. What you do get is 3 wearable everyday eyeshadows and a good blusher. There are some embossed Cs on each pan and a slight shimmer overspray, but once that wears off, you are left with a more subtle shimmer.

Chantecaille New Classic Palette
As I have green eyes, I love anything with a hint of purple/mauve about it, so this palette is perfect for me. You get a nice beige shimmer, a beautiful cool taupe and my favourite, an eggplant shimmer which can be used as shadow or liner.

Clockwise from top left: Beige, cool taupe, pinky peach blush, eggplant (looks more obviously aubergine in real life)

My only disappointment is the blusher. Don't get me wrong, it is great quality and a nice shade, but a little warm for my liking and it looks almost identical to the blusher included in the Turtles palette. It is similar to Nars Orgasm but with less obvious shimmer. Compared side by side, the turtles' blush is a touch more coral, and the one included in the Classic Palette a bit more pink, but there is not much in it at all. I would have preferred a soft mauve pink shade like Rouge Bunny Rouge Gracilis, or even something like Delicata (more neutral). That is what I would pair the eyeshadows with.

Left to right: Chantecaille New Classic Palette, Chantecaille Sea Turtle Palette
I have complained in the past about the price of Chantecaille palettes as in the US they are about 1/3 cheaper and although I do still think they are overpriced, this is by far my favourite out of the 5 I own. I know I will get the wear from it so the price is easier to justify.

Glancing down at the Classic Palette and the Turtles' Palette side by side, it occurs to me that you may think a few of the eye shadows are the same as well as the blush. In reality this is not the case. The Turtles' Palette is very warm and the Classic palette is definitely cool and taupe based, rather than brown based.

Swatches left to right: Blush from Sea Turtle Palette, eggplant liner shadow from Classic Palette, Beige, Cool Taupe, Blush from the New Classic Palette (the shades look less shimmery in real life, the swatches picked up a lot of the ultra shimmery overspray)
Two new Lip Chics have also been released for Autumn, one of which looks like a gorgeous cherry, and I can't wait to place an order the moment Space NK gets them in stock. Chantecaille Lip Chics are one of my favourite lip formulas, great for dry lips like mine and not as high maintenance as lipstick. They also smell divine! Definitely worth a look if you are in Space NK.


  1. I can see what you mean about the warm hue of the blush which is a shame. I tend to veer towards a cool blush if I remember to wear one! They do look very wearable colours but it is the Lip Chics that I must try. Thanks for this. Jan x

  2. I've never tried any Chantecaille palettes unfortunately but I would really love to. The darkest shade in the palette looks gorgeous! x

  3. Gah! I was hoping you would say this wasn't all that so I could just ignore it and carry on ;)
    It does look really nice, though I wonder that the beige is similar to the one in the tiger palette and the taupe similar to the one in the dolphin palette. I guess I'll might just have to take a punt on it x

  4. hey where did you get this? i've been keeping an eye out in my local space nk but still haven't seen it! thanks!

  5. This looks like a beautiful basic palette. I love the look of that deep aubergine shade :) This one is going on my wishlist! Thanks for the review! xx