Friday, 19 August 2011

Blog Sale Reductions and Chanel Fall 2011

Just a quick heads up to let you know that the Chanel Fall makeup Collection finally arrived at counters in the UK today. Like the Chanel fanatic that I am, I was there dead on 9am but almost felt like walking straight out at the awful customer service I received.

I went in with a list of everything I wanted, but the main assistant was doing a makeover on an older lady (who I imagine they thought would spend more), and one was on the phone. Finally, after a long wait I handed over my list. The assistant who had been on the phone got everything out for me and that was fine. Then the makeover one came over and said she thought her client would probably want the new lipstick shade and to check if they had more than one because if not I couldn't have it. I was incensed. I was stood there waiting to hand over my credit card, had got there at the opening time, the makeover customer had barely even had her foundation put on let alone anything else and they were going to refuse to sell me something in case another customer wanted it?

It really upsets me that in a lot of stores I have been to I do not get the same level of customer service as older customers. I could understand it when I was a teenager, but I'm in my mid twenties, and when I have been a regular, high spending customer, I do not appreciate being pretty much ignored. The irony is, normally the customers they tend to favour end up buying one lip liner whereas I never leave without at least a 3 figure spend.

Chanel Fall Collection 2011
Anyway, rant over. The new Chanel products were and are beautiful. If you are on a budget (like I am at present), the only limited edition items are two of the nail polishes and the eye liner. The rest of the collection will be permanent so there is no need to rush out and buy. I was most excited about the new cream shadows, Illusions D'ombre, especially as they got an A+ from Temptalia, so picked up the mauve shade (like a cream RBR Delicate Hummingbird) and the khaki. I'm wearing the mauve at the moment and love it, but am not too impressed with the eyeliner. I much prefer the waterproof one from the Summer Collection.

I will try and post some nail pictures tomorrow but thought I'd let you know that the collection is already online at There should also be a new Lisa Eldridge video up soon on the Chanel Confidential website showing a look with the new products.

Finally, as I am so keen to clear some much needed space, I have dramatically reduced the prices of everything left in my blog sale so do check it out here. Everyone who has already bought items, you should get them early next week x


  1. You expect better from Chanel write to the head office and complain. It shouldn't matter how old you are you should get great service
    Stacie xoxox

  2. How infuriating! I agree with Stacie - you should get a better service than this.
    I am in my early 40s and I seem to experience this more often (and I generally spend a lot!) Sadly this treatment of customers seems to be more common these days - even with premium brands. I walked out of Space NK last week due to a similar experience (and without purchasing!).
    The new Chanel collection looks great though - love the nail polishes most. Thanks for the post.

  3. I got ignored at my Chanel counter today too. I was planning on buying a few things, but walked away and bought a Nails Inc set instead.

    Those nail polishes are beautiful though!

  4. I am sorry about your poor service - I think it is the luck of the draw, and not an age thing. The trouble is that to a certain extent they have you over a barrel, to walk away may loose them a sale but it also looses you the products, and to go elsewhere is not always convenient. I am a silent fumer and rarely complain. I do sympathise. The Chanel collection has that lovely mothy minky brown look to it, right up my street. I am looking forward to some posts from you :) Jan x

  5. Like the look of the dark eyes and the subtle lips.I think make up is an art and to do it well you need training and guidance and the right appliances to get the right effect.

  6. I feel so angry for you! Grarrgh I agree with Stacie that you should write in and complain. Make them realise that their staff are being jerks and that you have a voice!

    On the bright side, that's one good thing about getting older that I'm looking forward to!