Sunday, 24 July 2011

FOTD courtesy of my American friend!

There have been many reasons why my posts have been so lacking recently, mainly the golf (which I'll post about later) but also my brother's upcoming nuptials. I have been a very bad beauty blogger but to try and redeem myself, here is a quick face of the day.
What makes it special is that I have been using some of the products sent to me by my very lovely friend Jeanie of Makeup Merriment. She kindly acts as my Le Metier stockist since they cruelly withdrew from the UK but even better than that she also sends me items from brands I've never heard of before or have access to.

Products used in FOTD

You might also notice from the pictures that my eyelashes seem to have grown. This is due to eyelash extensions from Daxita Lashes that I had done on Tuesday, in preparation for the wedding. I am beyond ecstatic with them but have been trying to take the best care of there so this is the first time I've worn eye makeup since having them done. I'll do a full post on them once I know exactly how long they last but at the moment I would highly recommend them.

Now onto the products, although this is a natural look and doesn't show up too great on camera, it is the first time I've used Tarte and Julie Hewitt products. Here is the breakdown:

  • Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Mont Blanc
  • Chanel Blush in Tea Rose
  • YSL Colorama Metallic Compact Powder
  • YSL Touche D'or

  • Eyelash Extensions by Daxita Lashes
  • Julie Hewett Eyeshadow in Terra
  • Tarte Lifted Natural Eye Primer
  • Bobbi Brown Party Mascara (only on bottom lashes)
  • Le Metier de Beaute Eyebrow Pencil in Natural Blonde

  • Julie Hewitt Lipstick in Oona Noir
  • Le Metier de Beaute Lip Kaleidoscope in Ecumes D'or (bottom colour, only used in last pic)

Not the best blending skills ever but at least you can see the lashes and the eye colour a lot better in this pic

Can you tell I somewhat obsessed with my eyelashes?!
For the final picture I decided I couldn't wait any longer to try out my new Le Metier Lip Kaleidoscope so I added the bottom shade, which is the darkest, a bright cherry shade, and used it over the top of the Julie Hewett lip colour that I have patted on previously.

There was little to no skill involved in anything in this look, only one eyeshadow colour used and no liner, but I did take the shadow under the lower lashes. I haven't used Nars Sheer Glow for quite a while as in the summer I prefer to use Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser but I am impressed with it. Tea Rose is probably one of my favourite Chanel blush shades and I would not be without my Le Metier eyebrow pencil.

As a slight aside, I am nearly out of my Laura Mercier and can't decide whether to repurchase that or try out the Burberry foundation, that I think from reviews seems to offer a similar coverage to a tinted moisturiser. Anyone have any thoughts or tried it? Also, I have to sort out my nails for this wedding. My bridesmaid dress is a dirty lilac colour with an ivory band under the bust and the other two bridemaids are having French Manicures. I've been given free reign but not sure what to go for. I would love to wear Chanel Jade as a contrast to the lilac, but I think that would be an absolute no no from the bride. What colour would you go for?

Finally, thank you Jeanie for always surprising me with such wonderful things! xx


  1. Lovely look! I especially love the lip color. :) It was so nice of Jeanie to send you such awesome things!

  2. This is so beautiful! you look gorgeous!

    Love the lip colour and blush on you, especially!

    For the nails, I'd be inclined to go for a nude or french too... but I'm so over colours at the moment!

  3. The lashes look amazing, so fluttery. Also, I love that blush on you.
    For nails: what about a deep plummy colour, Jade might be too much of a contrast to the dress.
    I hope you'll have a lovely time at the wedding, I'm sure it will go by very quickly! x