Sunday, 5 June 2011

BECCA Halcyon Days Palette - review and swatches

Like many people I suspect, I saw the beautiful promo shot for the latest palette by BECCA and couldn't resist, despite my reservations as to whether or not it would suit my pale, pink toned skin. In person, I think the colours appear warmer than they look on the model, the lip and cheek creme looking positively scary!

The palette consists of 3 eyeshadows, 2 shimmer and 1 demi matte, along with a lip & cheek creme and a lip gloss. I was pleased to see a third eyeshadow rather then the eyeliner that is often included, but the addition of the lip gloss seemed quite pointless as it is pretty much clear. I would have preferred a lipstick or highlighter. The whole palette will set you back £55 and if you set aside 1/5 of this for each product, I do not think the lip gloss is worth £11.

BECCA Halcyon Days Palette - £55 from

The colours are as follows:
  • Chamos demi matte eye colour - light muddy bronze
  • Muslin shimmer eye colour - creamy opal
  • Faille shimmer eye colour - golden peach
  • Bouganvillea lip & cheek colour- described as coral but I think tangerine is more appropriate
  • Mai Tai lip gloss - described as peachy nude, I would say clear

Left to right: Mai Tai, Bougainvillea, Faille, Muslin, Chamois
Here are the swatches, in the same order as they appear in the above picture of the palette. The last eyeshadow did need a couple of swipes to get a decent swatch, but the shimmer shadows were easier to work with.

Swatches left to right: Mai Tai, Bougainvillea, Faille, Muslin, Chamois
The two shimmer eyeshadows are good quality and remind me a lot of some Stila shades I owned and actually used up many years ago. The demi matte colour was more difficult to work with, it almost didn't want to show up at all which is a shame as it is my favourite shade colourwise out of the three.

The lip and cheek creme is thankfully not as scary as in the pan, and again reminds me of an old Stila convertible colour. A little goes a long way and to use on the lips you really need them in perfect condition. Unfortunately, it had a tendency to resemble how I look when I've just eaten Heinz tomato soup, so I think I'd have been better using a lip liner first to get a clearer edge. With gloss added on top it was better but not the most flattering colour for me. If I hadn't been trying to just use the palette, I would have preferred to layer with a Chanel Glossimer to give a bit more dimension to the lips.

I've included a couple of face shots using all five products over a base of just Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, with the addition of Le Metier liner in Noir and Chanel Imitable Mascara in Purple. I'm not sure if you'll be able to truly see the products but it gives you an idea. This was out of my comfort zone as it is rare that I will do a whole look using warm toned makeup. It doesn't look terrible but I think it would work better with a tan or on an olive skin. Darker than that, I'm not sure if the eyeshadows would show up well enough, but the cheek creme would look good.

BECCA Halcyon Days Palette applied

All 5 products from the BECCA Halcyon Days palette applied

Benefit Hoola has been added to the original face using the BECCA Halcyon Days Palette

Hopefully this picture shows the cheek colour better, although I got sick of seeing myself so pale so added some rather obvious Benefit Hoola!

All three eyeshadows applied, lightest all over, medium in the crease, darkest on the outer v and underneath lower lashes
Overall, I am annoyed with the inclusion of a lip gloss. If it had been a vibrant lipstick then I would have been happy. Taking away the lipgloss though £55 for 3 fairly ordinary eyeshadow shades and a lip & cheek creme that I doubt I would have bought on my own is too much.

When reviewing, I always have in my mind what else could I have got for a similar amount of money. For nearly £60, I would prefer a Le Metier Kaleidoscope, be it for face or eyes. I know I always say it but their eyeshadows are the best quality and you get a large size in the kits, 0.12 oz compared to just 0.035 oz of BECCA shadows. With Le Metier, you are getting superior product and much larger size for £10 more, I know where I would rather spend my money.

BECCA Halcyon Days Palette ingredients list
As a brand, I do like BECCA and have quite a few of their individual products, along with another palette, but I expect palettes to be exceptional, not quite good, and I also expect each product included to be worth it, not there to make up the numbers. I remember back at university I got a Stila palette with 3 convertible colours and 3 lipsticks, and I hit pan on every colour, that is the kind of thing I like.

Federer fan, am more than a little grumpy that he lost! This may have slightly affected the review, only slightly mind you!

The BECCA Halcyon Days Palette is £55 from


  1. I think you wear it well, the eyes look so pretty. I do think this would be too warm for me. I am sure that is the same lip gloss and cream colour they had in the last 5 pan "Bombora" so it would have been nice to have included different shades. Thanks for this review it has been really helpful for me x

  2. The colors look really nice on you, especially the cheek color! Thanks for an honest and helpful review! I haven't tried much from Becca, just their SSP.

  3. Your eyes look great. I can relate to finding a palette you like but not love. Then there are those that we avoid all together because we don't feel comfortable with all the colors they include. I think this is why, with the exception of LMDB kaleidoscopes I avoid most palettes. Such a shame as I said, your eyes look great!

  4. That look is really pretty on you. I do wish they wouldn't include lip products in palettes though because I don't feel like carrying the whole thing around for touchups. I super sheer gloss like that is an even bigger downer :-( The eyes are fab though!

  5. After the disappointment that was the showgirl palette (dusty lilac and beige eyeshadow with watery brown eyeliner and clear lipgloss) I'm not tempted by any more Becca palettes. I LOVED the lip and cheek creme in 'hollyhock' though and can't buy it separately. Kvetch...

  6. I think the warm colours look very nice on you. I agree that putting a sheer lipgloss in a palette like this is a bit disappointing, it would have been much better if they included another eyeshadow or a dark liner. Thank you for your review! x

  7. I think it looks pretty on you too, your eyes and cheeks look lovely! I've been debating on whether to get this for the past couple of weeks but the hefty price and clear gloss have put me off. It is pretty but as you said, doesn't seem to be worth £55.00. I think I'd rather have a few individual products from Becca instead.

    Thank you for the review and swatches!