Tuesday, 17 May 2011

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection

Having already looked at two of the shades from this 6 piece collection, along with the Silver Shatter, today is time to focus in on 'Steady as she Rose' and 'Planks a lot'.

Left to right: Steady as She Rose, Planks A Lot

I was hotly anticipating all 6 of the colours, hence pre-ordering from America, but I'll admit I am a little disappointed. There are one or two that I like, but as a whole, they remind me of the colours of bathroom towels, bit of an odd description but there you go. They are faded pastels and although some look pretty enough, they do nothing for my nails. Nail Polish as with all makeup is such a personal thing though so I might be in the minority. Hopefully the swatches can help you make up your minds before you part with any money!

OPI Steady As She Rose
Steady as She Rose is a very muted lilac pink putty colour. In real life there is more lilac than the pictures are showing. I had to use three coats to get an even finish and I did find it fairly hard to work with compared with my other OPI polishes. There is no shimmer in any of the Pirates' shades, they are all an opaque cream.

To give it more of a chance, I applied this shade to my toes as well, but sadly it didn't even work on them. I think I need to learn that I have to be very careful with pale colours as they don't tend to suit me. On an olive or darker skin, I think Steady As She Rose would look much better.

I had a look through my polish stash to see if I had anything similar and the closest I could get is OPI Panda-monium Pink which is a touch darker and more pink.

OPI Planks A Lot
Planks A Lot is one of the more vivid shades out of the six, somewhere between purple and lilac, but still a little grungy. It is a bit warmer than the majority of lilacs out there and in comparison to other OPI shades, falls halfway between Funky Dunkey and Rumple's Wiggin, both from last year's Shrek Collection. I had no issues with application with this colour, 2 coats gave a smooth, opaque finish.

I much prefer Planks A lot to the paler Steady As She Rose but neither colour is particularly special to my eyes. I didn't try them with the Silver Shatter but I'm sure this would make them much more interesting. I will try and post swatches of the final two shades tomorrow.

Each colour from the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean costs £10.50.

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  1. both colours are stunning, deffo 2 gems in this collection xx

  2. I like the look of Planks A Lot but I have so many similar colours that I really don't need it! Great review x

  3. Liloo - Glad you like them! If you don't have them already would you like me to send them to you? Makes no sense them kicking around here when they don't really suit me. Just DM me on twitter or something if you'd like them x

    Zoe - It was the colour that I was first drawn to, before realising I have a lot of similar shades that I actually prefer. Glad it was helpful x

  4. I think both colors look really nice on you. I guess if I had to pick one I would pick 'Planks A lot', but it really is a close tie to 'Steady As She Rose', both are nice finds.