Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow in Lilium - swatches and review

I'm the first to admit that Chanel eyeshadows are not my favourite. I find the quads too powdery for my liking and nothing really compares to Le Metier shadows, but I sometimes find the colour selections in their quads difficult to resist. On my first trip to the counter to see the Summer Collection I resisted, but then Lisa Eldridge did a video tutorial on the Chanel Confidential website using Lilium and my resolve weakened. If you have anything from the Summer Collection Lisa's video is well worth checking out as she puts a lovely look together, as always.
Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow in Lilium
I would love one day to try one of the American Chanel quads as I keep hearing the formula is very different, and far superior to the European baked style. For now though, I'll have to make do. The shades all have some shimmer to them and are a deep emerald green, mid tone mink, very pale lime green and a light pink. A very pretty combination, but what drives me mad is that they apply so sheer. I have just swiped them with my finger and the colours almost disappear. For the price, the quality should be a lot better.

It seems such a shame that what look like beautiful colours in the pan fade away to powdery nothingness on the skin. A lot of thought must go into colour selection, so I don't understand why they can't put the same thought into the product formulation.

To show you the colours in the swatches I have applied wet and dry side by side, one photo taken in ordinary light, the other in sunlight. I love the look of the wet swatches and would be thrilled if this was how they looked when applied dry, if that makes sense! I have never had to use my Le Metier or Rouge Bunny Rouge eye colours wet to get that level of intensity so don't see why I should have to with Chanel.

Left to right: Light Green wet, dry, Mink wet, dry, Emerald Green wet, dry, Pale Pink wet, dry
Left to right: Light Green wet, dry, Mink wet, dry, Emerald wet, dry, Pale Pink wet, dry (photo taken in sunlight)
I'm afraid I can't recommend this palette because getting a good result from it is too much like hard work in my opinion, and I expect more for my money. Once again I have been drawn in by pretty colours, only to be disappointed and out of pocket.

The Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Lilium is limited edition and costs £37.

Finally just a little apology for my lack of replying to comments on my own blog and leaving comments on others, Blogger just won't let me sign in properly and allow me to comment at all. The moment it does I will be back commenting away as I really do appreciate people taking the time to do so and equally I like to support posts on other blogs that I've found interesting and useful. Hopefully Blogger will sort itself out soon.


  1. The colours really are pretty but there's nothing worse than buying a product that you want to love but could be better.
    The emerald colour is amazing x

  2. The swatches look amazing wet...I didn't realize the formulation here in the US was different. BTW I love your profile!!!

  3. I have this quad and have for some time (I'm American and we received this collection awhile back) and yet this quad has remained relatively untouched since its acquisition. I tend to agree that it does take work for the shades to show up, but it is so pretty. Being in the States I have access to the American version and I do think it is better than the European formula from what I have heard and read, not sure why? Despite that, it is still work and a wet brush being used for the shades to stand out. I think I will wear this tonight and play around with it some more! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Thanks for this as I have started to get tempted after that Lisa Eldridge video as well. I think we share the same thoughts about their quad formula but like you sometimes I find the colours hard to resist, I really wish they would just use the same formula they have in the new duos.

  5. I used to buy the European quads (they sell them at Chanel counters in Oz) and they are definitely not as good as the US versions (which constitute the entirity of my collection bar one). Even though there are a few quads I really like, I still thik Chanel needs to lift their game eyeshadow-wise.