Monday, 30 May 2011

Chanel Nail Polish in Morning Rose - swatches and potential dupes

Although much of the focus of Chanel Summer 2011 has been on the vibrant yellow of Mimosa, my pick is definitely Morning Rose. One of three nail polishes released, it is far more flattering but maybe less fashion forward.

Left to right: Chanel Morning Rose, Chanel Mimosa, both £17.50
Although at first glance Morning Rose looks like your average baby pink, to my eye it is more special than that. I am not the only one, as this shade was the first to sell out at my local counter. It is a warm mid-rose pink with the merest hint of gold micro glitter running through it. I needed 3 coats to get a fully opaque finish but along with a top coat of seche vite, it hasn't chipped in a week.

3 coats of Chanel Morning Rose applied + Seche Vite top coat
 I thought I was have numerous colours across brands that were similar to this, but finding a dupe was harder than I thought. The ones I looked at were either much cooler pinks or leaned too coral. The nearest I found was Leighton Denny's Hepburn. This looked hopeful when I compared both shades in the bottles, as Hepburn had a gold shimmer running through it. On the nails however, the difference was more apparent. Hepburn is a more orange toned pink and has gold shimmer as opposed to the gold micro glitter in Morning Rose.

Leighton Denny Hepburn, Chanel Morning Rose

The photos below show some of the other colours I compared to Morning Rose along with a picture of Morning Rose on one hand and Hepburn on the other, so you can see a direct contrast.

Left to right: Nails Inc Montagu Place, Chanel Morning Rose, OPI Flower to Flower

Leighton Denny Hepburn (2 coats) - £11
Bottom hand: Leighton Denny Hepburn, Top hand: Chanel Morning Rose
Overall, Morning Rose has surpassed my expectations. I tend to buy all Chanel colours with little view to how much wear I will get out of them, not sensible but I get swept up by the allure of the interlocking Cs. I'm still not sure whether I love or hate Mimosa (it's on my toes at the moment), but Morning Rose is the perfect pink. Not too loud and brash, but not light and pale enough to look insipid. To me, it seems an ideal bridal colour.

Although £17.50 is undoubtedly steep for a nail polish, the flattering nature of the colour and the long wear I am getting from it makes it worth the money as I know I will wear it all summer long.

Chanel Morning Rose Nail Colour is £17.50 and available from counters nationwide as well as and online.


  1. That is a beautiful colour. Absolutely love it. x

  2. I think it looks really pretty on you. x

  3. That looks gorgeous on you! Love that!

  4. Beautiful colour but they are so expensive aren't they? Looks great on you x

  5. fabulous colour, a very wearable pink. Jude xx @jadlgw

  6. Nice review J. I'm not sure about Mimosa either. I haven't bought it yet but I have been using Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow which is a very close dupe. Its just too bright for me I think! I don't know...

  7. MR does look good on you, it was awful on me. Enjoy all the summer polishes! Chanel does have some fab polishes out there.

  8. not too keen on the pink colour but your nails look so gorgeous on the last picture, they look good enough to eat lol and i just had to comment!

  9. This is so gorgeous. I am experiencing significant regret at the moment for not picking this one up.