Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Alpha-H: My weapon in the fight against acne

I recently reviewed the Lumie Clear for London makeup Girl, an LED light therapy device said to be a natural treatment for acne. You can read that review here but what was most interesting about the 3 month trial I did was how the light treatment compared to skincare.

Just some of my arsenal of Alpha-H products (all bought by me)

I used the Lumie exclusively on my back and an Alpha-H regime on my face as I am lucky enough to have spots in both places! At the end of the trial period, I would say that my face had improved approximately 20% more than my back. The Lumie is an expensive initial outlay so I was thrilled that skincare alone on my face gave better results. Here is the rundown of what I used:

Balancing Cleanser - described as a creamy gentle lotion which removes all traces of face and eye makeup while balancing the skin. 3 in 1 action. I used this to cleanse both morning and night and although my preference had been for balm cleansers, this felt light and refreshing. I rinsed off with a muslin cloth.

Balancing Moisturiser and Gentle Exfoliant - described as a fast absorbing, lightly moisturising lotion that assists in the natural renewal and refinement of the skin texture. I used this 4 times a week as my night cream and I will admit, it does tingle for a while but this soon passes and it shows I think that the product is working. Initially I thought it might be a little heavy for my skin as it seems quite thick compared to what I had been using, but it sinks in quickly and now I wouldn't be without it.

Liquid Gold - Probably the brand's most famous product. You use it applied neat to a cotton pad and then wipe it over cleansed skin, avoiding the eye area, then off to bed. It is that simple. I used this 3 times a week at night and I credit this as helping the most with my troubled skin. If there is one Alpha-H product that I would urge you to try as an introduction to the brand, it would be this one. Just make sure you read the instructions. I no longer experience any tingling when I use this, strangely I get more from the moisturiser.

Absolute Eye Complex - This is a clear gel with light exfoliating properties that can be used all around the eye area, including the lid. Another favourite of mine, I use it morning and evening.  I have dabbled in other eye creams by Elemis, Decleor, La Prarie, Sarah Chapman and Oskia (I'm nothing if not fickle) but I always return to this.

Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+ - The moment Spring arrives I change my morning moisturiser to this little beauty. I don't find it greasy at all, it doesn't cause my spotty skin any problems and I have peace of mind knowing my skin is protected. I would not feel happy using glycolic products without a high level SPF during the day. I am never without this product.

Microcleanse - A granular scrub/exfoliant that can be used on the face and body. I would use this a couple of times a week on my face when I showered. I left it on for a couple of minutes to really do its magic before rinsing.

The above were the staples of my routine for the three month trial period but I used the Purifying Clay Mask one a week and a sample of the new Gentle Daily Exfoliant. Below is my attempt at showing you the texture of some of the products, especially the difference between the two moisturisers and cleansers. I couldn't include Liquid Gold because as the name suggests, it is a liquid!

Left to right: Absolute Eye Complex, Daily Essential Moisturiser, Balancing Moisturiser and Gentle Exfoliant, Triple Action Cleanser, Balancing Cleaner
When I came off the pill last September I got horrible and stubborn acne, including a lot of painful cystic spots around the mouth and jawline. I thought that Alpha-H might help me to resist the temptation to go back on medication to sort the spots and I was right. I already knew from watching QVC that Michelle, the owner of the Alpha-H, battled similar skin problems herself in her twenties but i was fortunate enough to meet her and Tom Ogden earlier this year.

I felt a little embarrassed that I already owned the majority of the products I was shown but I firmly believe that owning them is not enough, for the best results you need to know exactly how to get the best out of them. With that in mind, I proceeded to monopolise Tom for most of the evening, trying to get as many hints and tips as I could. It was with his help that I decided on the above selection of products for my routine. His other advice was that Microcleanse works really well on the body, so I could easily use it on my chest and back to help with acne there. Now I've finished with the Lumie, I will be giving that a try.

I can't say that my acne has completely disappeared, but there has been a big improvement and most importantly, this has given me back a lot of confidence in my skin. As my hormones are still haywire I doubt my skin will settle down until they do, but I don't feel the need to resort to medication and I am happy to wait, safe in the knowledge that Alpha-H will prevent me needing a mask of foundation before I venture out of the house.

The one thing I am still looking for a solution to though is the scarring left by these horrible spots. As I have very pale skin, these angry purple marks stick out a lot. I have heard good things about Vitamin E so am eyeing up the Alpha-H Vitamin E serum as my next purchase. If anyone has any tips for scarring then do share! I'd prefer not to have a permanent reminder of my past spots etched on my face.
Thursday's Alpha-H TSV

I first discovered Alpha-H on QVC and they are launching their latest TSV at midnight tomorrow (11th May), with shows during the day on Thursday 12th may. I'm not sure on the exact price but the kit should include a full size Liquid Gold, a full size of the new Daily Exfoliant (similar to Dermalogica's Microfoliant), Absolute Eye Complex, Balancing Cleanser and Rejuvenating Cream. I ran out of my Liquid Gold a few weeks ago and my skin is not as good as it has been so I will definitely be stocking up as well as listening out for more advice from Michelle and Tom.

Alpha-H also recently launched a new range of products called Clear Skin, specifically targeted at spot prone skin. It consists of a hydrating gel, cleanser and individual spot treatment. All three products as well as a starter kit are available exclusively from www.beautyexpert.co.uk and I am very tempted to give it a try, especially as the one thing I have missed from my current regime is an individual spot treatment. If I do take the plunge, I'll let you know how I get on in a couple of months.

Alpha-H is available from www.qvcuk.com and www.beautyexpert.co.uk. I would highly recommend some of the specific sets they offer with multiple products as a good way to see if the range suits you.

The Alpha-H TSV will be available at QVC from midnight tomorrow for 24 hours or until the stock runs out.

Although a goodie bag was given out at the end of the event I attended, all the products I used with the exception of the sample fo Gentle Daily Exfoliant were bought by myself.


  1. This line sounds really lovely! Do they make items though for old wrinkly gals like me???

  2. This has been a really useful post as have acne prone skin and am always on the look out for products to help keep it under control. Alpha-H is definitely on my list to try, and it's good they do the sets. I think I may check out that TSV tomorrow.

  3. heya i just gave u the sylish blogger award check it out at http://prettygorgeousxoxo.blogspot.com/2011/05/stylish-blogger-award.html

  4. Brilliant review , ive been looking at these products for a while. I really want to try the liquid gold now xx

  5. Great post! I've read so many great things about the Liquid Gold, I think it might be time for me to try it. Did your skin get red after using it? I'm a bit scared to use AHAs because my skin has been behaving well lately and I don't wont to irritate it. x Klara

  6. I suffer from acne (and budding wrinkles!) as well so have tried everything under the sun, including this.

    Utterly agree with assessment of the brand, in particular the Liquid Gold. Seriously helpful, even with Rosacea.

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