Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My Holy Grail Pink Lipstick

I mentioned this a while ago and did reveal it in my giveaway post but here is a more in depth review of By Terry Rouge Terrybly Lipstick in Cherry Cherry. For me, pink lipsticks do not get better than this.

Rouge Terrybly Cherry Cherry Lipstick - £30.50

I have only used a few products from By Terry and one of those, Baume de Rose, I absolutely hate (too greasy and not at all moisturising). Therefore, I'm not at all familiar with the brand and so when the new By Terrybly premium products (more expensive) were launched, I wasn't especially interested. I'd never tried an ordinary By Terry lipstick before so I couldn't envision me paying enough more for one a By Terrybly one.

As usual though, I started to see other bloggers' swatches and they began to appear more appealing. When I was in London last month, I managed to quickly sneak in to Space NK and see the lipsticks for themselves and I fell for them in a big way. I thought that with Tom Ford's Pure Pink, that was all I needed but once a beauty addict always a beauty addict, so I used some indulge points to get the shade Cherry Cherry.

The official take on the Rouge Terrybly lipsticks is:

'A volumising and firming lipstick enriched with the By Terry exclusive anti-ageing Lumilip Technology to rejuvenate and embellish lips. An extra-comforting and plumping lip elixir which combines rich colours and active ingredients with an anti-ageing formula that works to prevent thining of the lips. Filled with ultra pure high colour pigments, the texture offers complete and extra-smoothing colour. Extra-fine and silky-smoothing, it glides onto the lips and reshapes the contours without heaviness, plumping them without drying. Delicately perfumed and filled with active ingredients, it pampers the lips and repairs them in depth.'

Swatches left to right: By Terrybly Cherry Cherry, Tom Ford Pure Pink
I would describe Cherry Cherry as a cool toned bright pink, with a touch more blue in it that Tom Ford's Pure Pink and a little less of a shimmery effect when worn. As I have a cooler skin, I find Cherry Cherry more flattering but what really makes it special is the shade combined with an ultra light formula. It glides on so easily, without being too creamy so that it smears, and once on I can completely forget that it is there.

Although the price is high, at £30.50, I don't mind paying that for the perfect shade or the perfect texture. My lips are incredibly dry and irritated so I find many cheaper lipsticks tend to exaggerate this. I tend to be overjoyed when I find a lipstick I can wear without needing copious amounts of lip balm!

Left to right: Rouge Terrybly Cherry Cherry, Tom Ford Lipstick in Pure Pink
 Finally, here is how it looks on the lips.

And in the context of my whole face

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Lipstick in Cherry Cherry applied
So there you have it, my holy grail pink lipstick. I would love to be able to say that now I've found it the quest will end, but I think you all know me better than that. I have no idea what the other lipsticks are like in the By Terry range and how they compare to Rouge Terrybly, but one thing I am certain of is that this won't be my last Rouge Terrybly lipstick.

For swatches of some of the other shades, check out London Makeup Girl's post here and Replica's post here.

Have any of you found your Holy Grail lip products yet? Let me know if I am missing out on something!

By Terry's Rouge Terrybly Lipsticks are available form Space NK for £30.50 each.

If you were one of my first 120 followers, then you are automatically entered into a giveaway to win the shade of your choice. If not, never fear, as you can still enter my second giveaway, to win a Chantecaille palette. Just follow the instructions on my original post here. Good luck!


  1. That looks so stunning on you, such a nice pop of colour! May I ask what eyeshadows you are wearing?
    I have to say I think the Rouge Terrybly are easily superior to the normal By Terry lipstick I had x

  2. Hi Replica,
    Thank you, I'd been out in the sun, only for 10 minutes but you can see how my freckles have come out, so I thought I would go for something a little brighter. On the eyes is just the top colour in the Le Metier Devotion Eye Kit, a bronze, with Le Metier Black liquid Liner and Le Metier Aubergine Mascara. I will try and post on the whole Devotion Eye Kaleidoscope Kit as I have photos ready, but wasn't sure whether to do it as it's no longer available. I'm not sure if each of the four shades was limited edition or if you can get them individually. I'm still mourning the loss of Le Metier in the UK! Hopefully when I next go to London I can have a bit longer to swatch some of the other lipsticks, I'd really like to try a red, but I can sense I'd get distracted by the pinks again x

  3. That looks amazing! I'm also a sucker for pinks, I'll definitely have to check this out when I'm next in Space NK.

  4. That's a lovely colour on you. I like these lipsticks too, they feel very comfortable on.

  5. Oooh it looks so gorgeous on you. Such a delicious colour!! xx

  6. You look gorgeous! And I really like the combo of bright pink lipstick and warm golden eyeshadow (by the way, which eyeshadow are you wearing in the photo?) Oh, and one of my favourite lip products is RBR in Whim Of Mine but the colour isn't nearly as interesting as this By Terry one :) Hope you're doing well! x Klara

  7. Lovely! And love the eyes too!

  8. What a beautiful colour! And it looks lovely on you...Like Clara, I would love to know what eyeshadow you are wearing, and also what blusher. The combo is fantastic.
    Hope your revision is going well :)

  9. That is gorgeous and looks amazing with your beautiful green eyes!

  10. Swit swoo! Very nice colour on you. xx

  11. I love the look, it is so fresh. Did you use the top one in the Devotion kit?

  12. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! LOVE THAT COLOR ON YOU! I wish I wasn't such a chicken when it comes to brighter lip color like that! The whole look is stunning and you look wonderful! x jeanie

  13. I'd be interested in a post on the Devotion Kaleidoscope Kit, I can just drool ;)
    I have hit pan on my LMDB brightening and setting powder so I really do hope they come back to the UK at some point, for now I'll have to use it gingerly! x

  14. What a gorgeous colour! and it looks totally fabulous on you. x

  15. Great Lippie. Looks perfect on you :) (New follower but not entering giveaway as I wouldn't have the heart damage the pretty eyeshadows!) I like your blog and the way you write :) Emma x

  16. oh sweet baby j*sus !!! I MUST HAVE THIS NOOOOWWWWW