Monday, 4 April 2011


Just a quick explanation of why no posts for over a week. I have my law finals the first week of May, after they were postponed from October due to ill health. That has given me about 6 months to forget everything I knew and now I have a month to re-learn it all, stressed is not the word!

It is all my own fault but I have a packed revision schedule now as these are important exams so posts will be sporadic at best and I doubt I will be on Twitter much at all. To make up for this, I will be posting the giveaway I had planned in celebration of reaching 100 followers sometime this week. I've left it later than I initially intended because there seemed to be so many giveaways around I thought it might be overload, but hopefully mine will finish in time for Easter.

I have also decided to refrain from buying any beauty products this month, so I can go on a little shopping spree as a reward for finishing my exams, the end of my law degree. Am beginning to think though that sticking to a spending ban could be harder than passing my exams!

Once my exams are over I will be back to blogging as usual so I hope you'll stick with me until then x

A picture of the other distraction I have at the moment!


  1. Good luck with it all, all I remember about friends who studied law was that there was such a lot to learn. I'll be thinking of you, and congratulations on your 100 followers. Jan x

  2. Good luck lovely! It will be hard work, but it will all be worth it. X

  3. I entirely sympathise! Being in the process of completing final assignments for a Criminology Master's (mature student), and with the prospect of my dissertation still looming, I know exactly what you're going through...
    Good luck with it, and don't worry, we'll still be here rooting for you!
    Nina x

  4. Really good luck with the exams!
    Make sure you have a lovely spending spree and then come back and show us all!

    Also that little doggie of your's is still looking very cute!

    Fee x

  5. Good luck with the revision! I'm sure you'll be so absorbed with it that there won't be time to miss shopping. I will be thinking of you xx

  6. Good luck in your exams, I'll be sticking with you! ;-) xx

  7. Good luck Jennifer! I had my diploma in May as well - everyone else was talking vacation and I was talking EU directives :/ But it will all be worth it and of course we'll be waiting here for you. xx Klara

  8. Best of luck to you! You will have achieved such a terrific accomplishment once you have your Law degree, that this hiatus will seem Insignificant (although I will miss your commentary). I'll still be a loyal reader when you return, no worries.

  9. Beauty and brains - you got it all! Good luck!

  10. seriously that picture is so adorable! Sad puppy face :)