Friday, 25 March 2011

Think Pink: Nars Nail Polish in Schiap

I finally found my holy grail pink lipstick this week and although that deserves a special post all of its own, I thought I would set the mood by painting my nails in one of the classic pink nail colours, Nars Schiap. Although possibly more famous as a lip colour, it is just as vivid on fingers and toes.

Nars Nail Polish in Schiap
This post is also to give Charlie from an idea of what Schiap looks like applied as she is considering purchasing a Nars set with it in so I have taken a few photographs of it against some similar colours from other brands.

Left to right: Chanel Riveria, Nars Schiap, Chanel Pulsion
Left to right: OPI Pink Flamenco, Nars Schiap, OPI Ate Berries in the Canaries
Although they all look similar in the photos than in real life, the nearest match is definitely OPI Pink Flamenco. I would say that Schiap is not your typical Barbie Pink, it has more white in it than that to my eye and so appears slightly more chalky. Barbie Pink to me has more purple in it.

Unfortunately, by the time I'd applied Schiap to my nails, using two coats and a top coat, the natural light had gone so the following photos were taken with flash and has given the colour a bleached effect. The shade is darker and brighter than it appears. For an accurate representation of the colour, see the photos above as they were all taken in daylight.

2 coats of Nars Schiap applied + top coat - picture taken with flash
And finally, here is a picture of the polish alongside the lipstick of the same name, but again both look lighter than they are due to the flash.

Nars Lipstick in Schiap, Nars Nail Polish in Schiap
So there we have it, a quick look at a classic pink polish. I think it works on all skin tones and if you are a little colour shy, would look fantastic on toes. I had no trouble with application but I prefer OPI to Nars for nail polishes, as I occasionally find Nars to be a little thick in texture so OPI is easier to work with.

Hopefully, sometime over the weekend I'll get around to posting my holy grail pink for lips, I didn't think it could get much better than Tom Ford's Pure Pink but quite by accident, for me at least, a new product has beaten it!

Nars Schiap is available from or


  1. This fab thank you! The lippie looks lovely too. I just rarely wear such bright shades although Gulabi had an outing today!

    Really appreciate the post. I still can't decide, but its the money, the polish is definitely gorgeous!

  2. Can't wait to hear what your fave lipstick is! I've been eyeing this polish forever!

  3. I love pink nails.. perfect for winter/spring transition - the NARS is beautiful. Am tempted!

  4. Hi Charlie,
    I hope it was helpful despite the poor lighting! Bet Gulabi looked fab on you, I adore that colour. At least the polish isn't going anywhere so there is time for you to make your mind up. Is always the limited edition things that I end up impulse buying x

    Hi Michelle,
    I think you'll like the upcoming lipstick, just waiting for some decent light to take a worthy photo of it x

    Hi Jane,
    Bright pinks like this tend to be my go to shades. I felt naked yesterday when I wore sandals out for the first time in months and realised my toes were bare! x