Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Monday Manicure: Rococo Nail Apparel Playgirl

Once again, it's not Monday but I think it would be more confusing if I changed post titles to NOTD. I had postponed the usual (maybe that should be unusual!) Monday Manicure in anticipation of receiving Butter London's new limited edition polish No More Waity Katie, but it's not arrived today so I turned to Rococo instead.

I've never tried the brand before and don't know much about them, other than they are stocked in Space NK and two sisters who are professional manicurists themselves are behind it. When I realised that a full size bottle of polish was part of the recent Space NK GWP I was really looking forward to trying it out.

Rococo Nail Polish in Playgirl
My first impressions are that the packaging is gorgeous, the best I've ever encountered for a nail polish, but I was a little disappointed with the shade. I think it was a random thing which shade you got in the free gift but I got Playgirl, a neutral pink. In itself this is fine, but when it was my first product from the range, I would have liked something a bit more adventurous. I rarely wear this kind of shade on my nails as my hands have enough redness without a pink neutral drawing more attention to it so when I want natural nails I go for taupes, my favourite being Butter London's Yummy Mummy.

Left to right: Leighton Denny Starkers, Rococo Playgirl, Leighton Denny Indecent Exposure
I think every range has a shade like this in it, and I own quite a few similar ones from Leighton Denny, which I have from kits I bought. Unfortunately, the Rococo shade is sadly not as good as my others. It applied a little streaky and this did not even out with another coat. I used two coats with Seche Vite over the top and the overall effect is of gel nails I think, you can judge yourselves from the pictures.

I can't vouch for the rest of the colours in the range, but if they all apply a little streaky like this one, then I would prefer less fancy packaging and a more quality formula. A 12ml bottle costs £12 and to be perfectly honest, I'd prefer to spend this amount on a Butter London shade. However, I've had a brief look at the colours available on the Space NK website and I think if I saw them in person, particularly the Golf Leaf Lacquer, I might be swayed into a purchase.

If anyone else got the Space NK GWP, what shade did you get? How did you find the application?


  1. I got that one as well, but have not tried it yet, doesn't sound too good though! I have one other Rococo polish and it does need a top coat but it does not apply streaky x

  2. Hi Replica,
    It could be that I got a bad bottle or that I am just not very accomplished at applying this type of shade. My issue is that on a few nails it looks like I've applied 3 coats, and on others it looks like just one coat, whereas in fact two were applied to all of them. With such a natural shade I think these kind of flaws are a lot more obvious. I hope you have a lot more luck with yours! x

  3. That's too bad about the application, I checked the SpaceNK website and Rococo have some gorgeous colours in their range. Apparently there's a black package waiting for me at home, unfortunatelly, I won't be able to open it til Saturday. I really hope that I got the GWP as well because apparently they ran out really quickly x Klara

  4. Oh thats a shame as some of the colours from their nude range look fantastic, but I'd want to know they were more opaque than that before buying, this wouldnt be a shade I'd love much either, it just doesn't do anything does it. To die for packaging though!