Friday, 4 March 2011

Butter London No More Waity Katie - review and swatches

Butter London No More Waity Katie - £15 from
I've never been especially interested in the Royals but I do love a good nail polish. Butter London have released the limited edition shade No More Waity Katie to celebrate the marriage of Kate Middleton & Prince William next month, the name coming from the Royals' alleged nickname for Kate as she waited nearly a decade for a proposal. I've only recently discovered Butter London and am impressed with the quality and shade selection, so I was very keen to see what this colour would be like and pre-ordered it from Zuneta as soon as I could. I must admit I'm also quite pleased to have a little piece of memorabilia of the occasion that I can use as I was at university with the couple for two years and I miss St Andrews and that special time more and more each day.

I think that originally this polish was described as a nude with lavender glitter, this is not the case. It is most definitely a lavender/mauve base colour shot through with lavender glitter, be under no illusions there. However, I love these kind of shades, similar to Paradoxal, and it seems very on trend given that two of my favourite Oscar outfits this year, Cate Blanchett and Mila Kunis, were this very colour. I don't normally go for glitter but as it is quite muted, it makes this shade something special. Elegant and timeless but with a nod to 2011,  a reflection of the Royal couple I assume.

2 coats of No More Waity Katie applied plus Leighton Denny Crystal Finish Top Coat

2 coats of No More Waity Katie applied plus top coat - photos taken in natural light
The application was the same as other Butter London glitters I've tried, one coat looks pretty dreadful, but a second rectifies this and gives an opaque finish. My only gripe is that it is harder to get a neat finish with glitters as my Leighton Denny Corrector Fluid doesn't work as well. A small price to pay though for something so pretty.

Whether or not you like Kate & William, if you love a good nail polish I'm sure you will like this. Mauve is my favourite colour in terms of makeup so No More Waity Katie scores full marks from me. I hope that you should still be able to order this from for £15, but if you want it you had better be quick. I don't expect it will stick around for long!

Finally, as it is the 600th anniversary of the founding of St Andrews University, I thought you might like to see how beautiful the town is. When I went there we were told that it has the highest percentage of students marrying fellow students of any university and with a backdrop like this, I think you can see how Kate & William fell in love there.

The castle ruins of St Andrews, Scotland - the section of water you can see is where students traditionally go for the May dip at sunrise on 1st May, it may look pretty but it is freezing!


  1. I think we've both been applying and writing about this at the exact same time! I agree, definitely more of a mauve than nude base.

  2. Aww lovely post. The polish doesn't really call to me but it is nice and St Andrews looks gorgeous!

  3. Hi Grace, yes, snap! Is thanks to you that I have it in the first place as I only pre-ordered after reading your previous post about it arriving at Zuneta. I think as All Hail McQueen was nude it is a nice change that this is a mauve shade.

    Hi Charlie, I think no matter what the polish, St Andrews would still beat it hands down! You must visit if you ever get the chance. Shame all I did was moan about it when I was actually there! x

  4. I can't help but laugh everytime I hear the name. Quite unfortunate, I know.

    The photo looks stunning! I've only visited Scotland twice and love it initially, but was craving for civilisation (and shops) once a week was up. Granted, the second time was in Arran, so I feel it's justified.

    Cassie x

  5. this is so much different than i was imagining! thanks for testing/posting. i'm kind of surprised butter london went with something so edgy to represent the future princess?

  6. Nice pictures! I too have recently become a Butter London fan and ended up liking this one like you did. Your comparison to Paradoxal is quite apt. It ended up taking 3 coats to look nice on me but I was pleased with how it turns out.

    Here are a few No More Waity Katie pictures I took too for comparison.