Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick in Moroccan Rouge - swatches and review

The latest addition to my growing collection of lipsticks, Moroccan Rouge is a deep purple with a little pink to lighten it slightly. Reading that back that is possibly the most awful description I have ever come up with, so I hope the swatches will speak for themselves, the creative part of my brain appears to be lacking tonight!

Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick in Moroccan Rouge - £35

The shade is incredibly similar to Bruised Plum so you really don't need both and if I had realised how similar they were originally, I would have bought Smoke Red instead. January seems to have been the month for making stupid purchases for me! It is the same beautiful texture as all the other Tom Ford lipsticks I own though and the subtle vanilla scent is yummy. One of the Tom Ford Private Blend Lipsticks would make a lovely present for Valentine's Day if you go in for all that, so start dropping hints now!

Top: Tom Ford Bruised Plum, Bottom: Moroccan Rouge
 I have been avoiding a dark lip recently because my skin is covered in horrible red/purple spots and scars that refuse to budge no matter what I do (post coming up on that soon) and I only feel comfortable wearing such a bold lip with perfect skin. Unfortunately, Moroccan Rouge is a very similar shade to the leftover marks from stubborn spots so this has tainted it a little in my mind.

Left: Bruised Plum, Right: Moroccan Rouge
Although the differences between Bruised Plum and Moroccan Rouge are very subtle, I do prefer the latter. It has a little more pink to it, which I like, and is fractionally easier for me to pull off as it is that bit lighter. In my eyes Tom Ford can do no wrong, and although his lipsticks are a complete indulgence, I feel more elegant and luxurious whenever I put one on. Shallow? Yes, but true nonetheless.

Tom Ford Moroccan Rouge applied to the lips
Tom Ford Private Blend Lipsticks are available from Harrods and Selfridges online as well as in store for £35 each.


  1. Its a really beautiful colour. I love it!

  2. They both look lovely but am I the only person who finds a white bullet a bit naff? Thanks for the glorious pics. Jan x

  3. Charlie - Am sure you would like some of the brighter colours, Cherry Lush and Pure Pink would suit everyone I think, my favourites! X

    Jan - Glad you like the pics, wasn't sure if it would annoy people having such large photos now on the blog, especially of my lips! X

    Georgia - It is a very pretty shade, if only I didn't have spots of the exact same hue all over my face! X

  4. I love this lipstick, and I love the packaging too! So beautiful.

  5. Oh, these are pretty! I want a TF lipstick but I am not sure what colour to get x