Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Space NK GWP!

Now I'm not sure if I'm the only one who is quite excited about this, mainly because I've never seen Space NK do something like this before, it's usually our friends in the US who get all the cool beauty gifts, but I thought it was worth a mention.

Lipstick Queen Jean Queen Lipstick - £15
From tomorrow until Saturday (while stocks last), Space NK are giving customers a free gift with purchases over £75. Here is what the gift contains:
  • Nars mini compact foundation
  • Lipstick Queen Jean Queen Lipstick
  • Rococo Nail Apparel
  • Laughter 15ml eau de toilette
  • Space NK makeup bag
The main reason I think this is such a great offer is the inclusion of Jean Queen lipstick. I tried to get this online a few times before Christmas but it was constantly sold out so it is great to see it as part of this GWP. In the end my brother bought it for me and I wear it a lot, it is a suits everyone light pink and you can see my post on it here.

If the nail varnish is the same a the one shown in the promo ad for this set, it seems to be a light silver. I've never tried Rococo before and this would be an ideal opportunity to do so. I would imagine that the Nars foundation will be a medium beige shade, the kind they expect will suit the most people. I've never smelt any of the Space NK fragrances before but I know Fee at Makeup Savy rates them highly and that is good enough for me.

Space NK have just started stocking Ellis Faas, which was exclusive to Liberty, and the new collections from Nars and Chantecaille are both available now online so if you have the money, I think it would be pretty easy to reach the £75 threshold!

After praising this GWP so highly, I'm still not sure if I will go for it, simply because I don't really have the money and I'm trying to take a more responible attitude with my finances now. If I didn't already own Jean Queen, I think my resolve would weaken, but at the moment I'm trying to hold firm!

Will any of you be placing an order in the next few days?

Also, in case some of you think I've forgotten about my 100 follower giveaway, I haven't and I'm delighted to have hit that target. The prizes are going to be the Chantecaille Turtle Palette and on of the new Hydra Chic Lipsticks, but I need to wait until I can afford them both! Hopefully I will get hold of both products in March (heading to London then) so expect to see a post about it mid month.


  1. The GWP sounds great! I really want the lipstick too, it looks ideal for everyday, but I'm having financial problems too (just want to be responsible with my money!) and I can't quite justify spending 75 quids on make-up alone :(

  2. Great GWP! Keep hearing about Lipstick Queen but it doesn't really grab me! Am I missing out?!

  3. Trouble is that I have Jean Queen and Laughter which is a spicey lemony fragrance with a bit of lime, I like it. So not for me - I would prefer the £10 off to Ndulge like they did at Xmas. Jan x

  4. Hi Gordita,
    £75 is a hell of a lot on makeup when you are trying to be responsible! I wish they'd run these kind of promotions when it was around my birthday or when I had money in the bank! Jennifer x

    Hi Charlie,
    In a word, yes, you are missing out! Well, I like the brand primarily because I have very dry lips and I quite like having lipsticks with less pigment as then I can get away with darker colours without having to blot. Jean Queen is about as near to a neutral shade as I can get away with so it's definitely a favourite. x

    Hi Jan,
    Oh no, you are tempting me with that description of the fragrance, it sounds lovely! I had almost convinced myself to skip the whole thing and now I'm weakening! I have been looking at a number of Jo Malone fragrances this week, on eBay and was thinking about getting Lime, Basil & Mandarin, Grapefruit or Lime & Cedar, but Laughter sounds the perfect mix. Do you not want a back up of Jean Queen too??!!! I agree, another £10 would be lovely, I was so surprised that they did that, hope it is not just a one off x

  5. I've been saving up for a Clarisonic so I've just been to the SpaceNK shop in Edinburgh and purchased in order to get this GWP. I thought people might find it useful to know exactly what shades are in it - or at least were in mine, I don't know if it might vary.

    Nars Powder Foundation in Deauville. It comes in a large NARS branded pouch with a teeny-tiny little sponge for application. It's 2.2g so pretty tiny.

    Rococo Nail Lacquer in Brocade which is a lovely deep blackened red colour.

    The other items are as advertised. I'm looking forward to trying the Lipstick Queen Jean Queen lipstick, I swatched it in store and I think it's sheer enough to suit most skin tones.

    I guess I wouldn't have gone for this GWP if I hadn't already planned to buy the Clarisonic. £75+ is a lot to spend. Harvey Nichols has a much better looking GWP coming up next month, you have to spend £100+ but the gift is much more generous than this.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Hi Anna,
    Thanks so much for your comment, that's really helpful. I just read it after I submitted my Space NK order, I succumbed! Do you know what the Harvey Nichols GWP is? Is it for store purchases only or online? It's been years since I shopped there, I used to regularly when I lived in Scotland and headed to Edinburgh to shop from St Andrews, but not since moving back South.

    Hope you get on well with the Clarisonic,
    Jennifer X

  7. Hi Jennifer

    I got my info on the Harvey Nichols GWP from The British Beauty Blogger here:

    It's actually a £110 minimum spend but to my mind it does look worth it (see how I talk myself into these things!) there are some brands I'd love to try in there. Also it says its for instore and online.