Friday, 11 February 2011

Some recent disappointments: Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipsticks

I got a little carried away a few weeks ago when Zuneta announced they had the latest three shades of Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipsticks in stock, along with the Rouge Bunny Rouge Cream Eye shadows, so I bought two of each, when realistically I could afford zero. Isn't that always the way?

Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick - £24

I have been guilty of stalking the Zuneta website a lot recently and Edward Bess is one of those brands that was on my wish list. I had heard great things about his lipsticks but was initially put off by the bias towards warmer shades in his collection. I got one of the only cool colours, Night Romance, for Christmas and I'll post about that later, but the recent trio that was released was meant to be based around pinks. Sounded perfect.

Left to right: Blush Allure, Rose Demure

I spent an age looking at swatches on some of my favourite American blogs, liked what I saw and so maxed my credit card to get Blush Allure and Rose Demure. Boy was it not worth it.

The Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipsticks are strongly scented with fig, which I don't mind although it is a bit sickly, but they do feel like the quality you would expect from an expensive lipstick. The packaging has been altered from the more usual circular container to a square one, but I prefer the original, not so bulky.

In my honest opinion, both shades look like I've covered my lips in mud. Not a good look. It reminds me of my first lipstick, a really drying brown that I got free with Mizz or Shout. I wore it to death and look back at the photos and cringe. Now I am older, wiser and can buy my own lipstick, I don't want to look like that again.

Top to bottom: Swatches of Edward Bess Lipstick in Rose Demure, Edward Bess Lipstick in Blush Allure
On some people, these shades might look great, but I cannot get away with a nude lip and that is definitely not what I thought I was buying. I have quite dark, naturally mauve/pink lips so brown tones look wrong on me. Even though these colours are meant to be based on pinks, I think they look brown, caramel even. I waited quite a while before posting this because I wondered if I'd change my mind and then once I saw the pictures, I thought they looked so horrid I almost couldn't bear to post them! Here they are though, in the hope that they might help others looking to choose shades to get an idea of whether or not they'd suit them.

Edward Bess Blush Allure applied

Edward Bess Rose Demure applied (sorry the pic is a bit out of focus)
Reading this back I must sound like such a grumpy person, I'm not usually, but I do get upset when I have high hopes for a product, perform all kinds of financial juggling to get my hands on it, only for it to look ghastly on me. Plus I am having withdrawal symptoms from my puupy! This is not a bad review of the actual product, just of the shades that I chose, which makes me all the angrier as it is totally my fault! Luckily I picked up two Rouge Bunny Rouge lipsticks in the 20% off Zuneta special and they are both perfect, shade, texture, everything. Thought I'd end on a happy note! (RBR post coming soon).

The Edward Bess range is stocked exclusively by in the UK and the lipsticks cost around £24 each.


  1. It is very disappointing when that happens.

    Are you on They have a swap shop where you can list make up you don't want and swap with something you do want. x

  2. Oh no, I hate when you think you are going to love something and then it just doesn't work, I always think when I could have bought instead with the money. I don't have much pigment at all really on my lips so think this come out quite different on me to how they are on you, I do prefer RBR lipsticks though out of the two brands x

  3. I have had little success with EB lipstick - only tried 1 shade and I couldn't get past the burnt caramel smell. Thanks for this. Jan x

  4. For me it's the hardest to choose the lipsticks especially online, I think carefully about the shades that I want.
    To tell the truth I don't like any shades of EB this is why I never tried his lipsticks.
    My latest love is BECCA's Yasmina and No7 Grace. x

  5. This is such a shame! I know exactly how you feel! When you max out your card to buy a hyped product and it doesn't deliver, it makes the sting even more acute.

  6. Hi Lady Cherry,
    Thanks for the tip re. makeup Alley, have signed up now. have you done swaps on there before? X

    Hi Replica, I really should have taken into account how dark my natural lip shade is, might have save me the best part of £50! I too prefer the RBR, they are a far more flattering finish and actually feel moisturising. Their shade selection seems better too X

    Hi Jan, Which shade did you try? I can deal with the smell but I find the finish shows up every flaw and I don't really think the shades suit me. To be honest I thought they would be better seeing as Edward Bess is famous for his Lip Wardrobe. At the moment I'm struggling to see what the fuss is about. X

    Hi Marina,
    I have been very hit and miss with the lipsticks I've bought recently and I don't think I'll be buying another EB, although I still think some of his other products look nice. I haven't tried any of BECCA's lipsticks but I like the look of their lip sheers. I got No.7's Grace the other week (how could I not when Lisa Eldridge used it in a video!) but haven't got around to using it. Will have to try it tomorrow X

    Hi Dempss01,
    I got my credit card bill today so I'm really feeling the sting! It was stupid of me to hit my limit doing this in the first place but I find beauty products so hard to resist. I'd like to think I'd have learnt my lesson from this experience, but knowing my shoppings habits I doubt it! X

  7. wow I was just about to order Rose Demuer, So glad I came across this! Thanks!