Friday, 4 February 2011

Say hello to Jussi!

I will state this now, this post has absolutely nothing to do with makeup, and everything to do with my new puppy, which is far more important!
This is Jussi!

After 26 years of nagging, I finally managed to persuade my parents to get a Labrador puppy. We were torn on which colour to go for, me favouring chocolate, my mother wanting golden and my father indifferent. Yesterday he found a local breeder with connections to my old school who had a litter of 9 puppies on Christmas Eve, 7 black and 2 golden. We were just going to visit this lunch time to learn about the puppies and what to look for, get our questions answered etc as both the golden ones had been sold and there was just one black bitch and dog remaining. I think you can guess what happened!

Puppies Galore!

My dad was immediately smitten with a beautiful black bitch and it was hardly a tough sell to me or my mother. The owners were so friendly and down to earth, and the dogs all appeared happy and well cared for, so any fears we had on that front were quickly put to rest. On 18th February our gorgeous puppy will be coming home with us. We had already decided on the name Jussi (pronounced Y-see, the y said how you say the letter y in the phonetic alphabet) after watching the Swedish TV series Wallander. In the second series of the made for TV episodes, the famous detective gets a chocolate Labrador called Jussi. Again my mum wanted Barley, I wanted Livy or Indy, so we came to a compromise.

You can expect endless photos of her to appear on my blog when she comes home to us, but rest assured I will try to keep my mind beauty related until then!


  1. Ohhhhhhh, she is ADORABLE. Love her name. Such a pretty girl.

  2. Awawaw, isn't she just could anyone resist those eyes :-))) We will be expecting photographic updates!
    Nina x

  3. I am viewing this in secret - if any of my family saw this there would be an instant and prolonged walkout until there was a guarantee that we could have one too! Very very adorable - agree with Nina, updates please! Jan x

  4. She's beautiful. I have a chocolate lab and he's just the love of our lives.

  5. Oh, she's such a cutie! And Labradors are really such friendly dogs. Can't wait to read your further puppy blog posts. x

  6. Awww so cute, my own little dog looked like this as a puppy.
    She's a Patterdale mix called Ruby :)

    Would love to see more pics when you get her!

    Fee x

  7. I love cats but this baby is adorable. I like labs, they are sweet! x

  8. Oh Jennifer! What a doll! She has the sweetest little face! I'm so happy for your family! There is truly nothing like Puppy Love. xxxx
    jeanie, josie and macie

  9. Aww what a little beauty she is. I've just found your blog so thought id say hello x

  10. She has "everything" to do with beauty!!! such a cutie....xox

  11. Hi everyone,
    Thanks so much for all your comments, Jussi is set to be the love of my life I think! I visited her yesterday to give her a toy with our scent on and she is just the most adorable thing in the world. Next Friday (when we take her home) seems an age away. When she went back in with her brothers and sisters she was not keen on sharing the toy!

    To those of you that have dogs, do you have any adivce on the first few nights a puppy is at home? I've heard they cry a lot and I hate to think of her in distress but the books say that you shouldn't go to them? Everyone keeps saying puppies are just like babies but having no experience of them either the comparison doesn't help!

    I will definitely be posting more pics and updates on Jussi, I might try and create a seperate page/tab for her on the blog. Trying to decide whether the breeders will get really sick of me if I ring up to see her again on Thursday, don't want to make them angry! X

    Nicoletta - welcome to my blog, so glad you found it and thanks for introducing yourself, jennifer X

    Bertie - you can be sure you'll be one of the first to see her, Dad is smitten and I think she'll be regularly visiting Pete. Mum and I are thinking a puppy is just the distraction dad needed, he certainly seems happier already, as are we all! He's going to be in charge of training, but I think he'll let her get away with murder, we'll all be running round after her! Will pop down and see you soon x

  12. Oh my God, how sweet!! Please share more photos in the future - I guess nobody would mind :)

    My husband and I have a Golden Retriever. He´s now 3 years old and he definitely IS the love of my live (besides my husband, maybe;)) He was my first dog and it´s just amazing to have him.

    Concerning the first nights: I don´t know how you plan to arrange everything and where she´s going to sleep. Pride was (and still is) in our bedroom. In my opinion that´s the best you can do. Your puppy will feel safe and you will also get more sleep ;)