Monday, 7 February 2011

Monday Manicure: Katy Perry for OPI

Originally I had intended to get the full set of the Katy Perry for OPI polishes (4 colours plus the black shatter top coat) from the US but they sold out so quickly I never got the chance to put in an order. When I headed out to get the latest Chanel polishes though I spied the OPI colours and decided to refrain from the overly glittery ones and stick to The One That Got Away and Not Like The Movies (I seemed to be on a bit of a nail varnish spree that day!).

Left to right: OPI Not Like The Movies, OPI The One That Got Away - £9.95 each
 In the bottle, my definite favourite is Not Like The Movies, but as with so many polishes, it actually does not look right on my nails. It is one of those oil in water colours and changes from a greyish metallic light green to a mauve, depending on the light. It has a metallic, foil type finish and once again I have learnt that foils do not suit me. I applied two coats and there is still visible nail line. It also looks a bit streaky. All in all a nice enough colour but sadly the effect is not for me. It also reminded me a lot of the MAC Venomous Villains Nail colours, especially Mean & Green.

2 coats of OPI's Not Like The Movies plus Leighton Denny Crystal Finish Top Coat
Despite my poor choice with the first colour, I can see The One That Got Away becoming a firm favourite. A cool fuchsia with a delicate glitter, it is striking but not over the top. It appears very similar to OPI's recent release Let Me Entertain You, from the Burlesque Collection, but as I haven't tried it out on the nails yet, I can't say how they compare. From the bottles, the Katy Perry shade seems a touch darker and more muted, with the Burlesque colour more vibrant and a truer bright pink. Both contain fine glitter.

Left to right: OPI Let Me Entertain You, OPI The One That Got Away
After one coat I was dubious about this shade as it looked absolutely dreadful, streaky and just awful. Thankfully though 2 more coats rectified this and gave a smooth finish, what I have come to expect from OPI. I buy a lot of polishes from this brand and this is one of my favourites. I don't like really crazy, 'out there' nails, although I will give any shade a fair trial, but I like something elegant with a bit of an edge, and for me, this satisfies those criteria.

3 coats of The One That Got Away applied + Leighton Denny Crystal Finish Top Coat
I think I can do without the other 2 Katy Perry shades (glitters) and black shatter top coat. I will save my money for the entire Texas Collection, yes I am officially a nail polish addict!

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  1. You have such lovely nails. I had been interested in this collection when I first saw promotional shots last year. I like how The One That Got Away looks. I wish my nails showed some signs of improvement so I could consider wearing polish again!
    Jane x