Saturday, 19 February 2011

MAC Kissable Lipcolours in Flaunting It and Scandelicious

Firstly, sorry for the lack of posts lately, puppy has decided my lap is the most comfortable place to sleep so accessing my computer has proved difficult. I've just managed to manoeuvre her into her basket to escape upstairs to quickly write this.

Top to bottom: MAC Kissable Lipcolours in Scandelicious & Flaunting It

MAC's Kissable Lipcolours are limited edition and part of the Peacocky Collection. For me, this has been the MAC collection I have most looked forward to as having read American beauty blogs, both the lipcolours and Mega Metal Eyeshadows were said to be great quality (I'll post on the eyeshadows separately).

There is quite a wide colour range available int he Kissable formula but I was immediately drawn to Flaunting It, a mauve, and Scandelicious, a Fuchsia. They are designed to be a hybrid of lipstick and gloss and this is an accurate description. They have a doe foot applicator and a slightly artificial scent of vanilla, but nothing too offensive to the nose! I got excellent wear from both colours, having drank a bottle of water and noticing zero transference, and it feels like you aren't really wearing anything. They remind me a lot of the Chanel Rouge Allure Laque, but although cheaper, from what I can work out you get twice as much product in the Chanel.

Swatches left to right: MAC Scandelicious, MAC Flaunting It

Although I love both shades, I am thrilled with Flaunting It. Some of you may remember that I was hugely disappointed with the Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Stunt, a limited edition shade I had to get from America that claimed to be mauve. In reality it was more brown, mud brown, something I have an intense hatred of on my lips. I was concerned the same would be true of Flaunting It, but to my pleasant surprise, MAC are not colourblind and know what mauve is. Bravo for that.

MAC Kissable Lipcolour in Flaunting It applied

MAC Kissable Lipcolour in Scandelicious applied
My only regret with these lipcolours is that I didn't buy more of them. I splurged on the eyeshadows but the Kissable Lipcolours are probably superior. Hopefully, there will still be some available by the time I'm out of red.

MAC Kissable Lipcolours cost £16 each and are available online from MAC, Selfridges and Debenhams.


  1. I love the colours and the texture sounds very interesting. As an aside, I know what you mean about mauve, I was similarly non-plussed when I read that a lipstick I had was described as taupe mauve when it was actually a dark nude with no hint of mauve that I could see!

    I will be very interested to hear what you think to the eyeshadows. From swatching them, I found the consistency to be very mixed.
    Jane x

  2. Very pretty colours, both of them! x

  3. These lip colours are beautiful! They look great on your lips too. As you say, a real cross between lipstick and gloss.

  4. Fow did I miss this! Scandelicious is gorge!