Thursday, 3 February 2011

Leighton Denny TSV today on QVC

I certainly don't need anymore nail polish but I can't resist a bargain or vibrant summer colours, so for that reason the latest Leighton Denny TSV might be on its merry way to me. It costs £29.98 from QVC and with the P&P it comes to roughly £35. It includes 5 full size bottles of polish, 2 from his Spring Collection (Gelato) which isn't released until April, 2 from the core collection, including best seller Supermodel, and one special edition mauve that is only available in this kit. You also get Miracle Drops, said to makes nails touch dry in 60 seconds,and Cuti Lips cuticle cream/lip balm, along with a few other nail accessories.
Leighton Denny TSV (£29.98) on

The colours included are a suit everyone nude/taupe (Supermodel), a bold red creme (Indulgence), a limited edition shimmery mauve that looks a little like the base colour of Chanel's Paradoxal (Leading Lilac), a coral pink (Lolly Pop) and a vibrant berry (Berry Nice).

It is all to easy to be swayed by QVC's selling technique, and I would say that these kits are only good value if you will actually use all of the product included. I bypassed the last TSV in December as I have more than enough French manicure shades, but this one seems quite special. I could imagine myself wearing all 5 colours, and mauve is my favourite shade in almost everything! A full bottle of polish costs £11 so you are making a reasonable saving, even with P&P.

You can see my previous post on Supermodel here and British Beauty Blogger recently wrote about one of the new colours in the set, Lolly Pop.

The kit is available from for £29.98 until midnight tonight.

Have any other fellow nail addicts gone for this kit today?

Leighton Denny Nail Polish in Leading Lilac (only available in the QVC TSV)

Leighton Denny Nail Polish in Lolly Pop (from the Gelato collection available in April)


  1. What a lovely set! I like the variety of colors in it. Can't wait to see your notd's! x jeanie

  2. I bought it, I resisted all day and then thought y'know what I like all of these. Very pleased. Jan x