Sunday, 13 February 2011

Jussi's Day Trip

Once again, this is a puppy post and not beauty related, but indulge me!

We are officially bringing Jussi home at 9.30am on Friday, but I had been calling the breeders (who live locally) so much asking to see her before then that they must have got sick of me and decided we could have her home for the day. I jumped at the chance and that day was today!

She wasn't keen at all on the car ride and I absolutely hate to see her looking distressed but she soon settled and enjoyed exploring her new home and the run my dad had made for her out in the garden (we have at least 50 metres of fencing to sort out before she can be let loose).

The silver on her fur is nail varnish put on by the breeders so they know which puppy is which!

It turns out that the toys we had bought Jussi aren't nearly as fun as my UGGs or my pyjama bottoms, which made a great tugging tool. Although my knee was the preference for sleeping on, she eventually got the idea that her bed might be more comfy, although she ended up sprawled across the kitchen floor!

A tiring but great day, along with the photo shoot for Lovely's Vintage Emporium (website opening 15th March) yesterday, this has been one of the best weekends I've had for a long time!


  1. when I got my first puppy, Honey, the breeder marked her claw with nail varnish! she arrived looking so pretty!

  2. Oh Jennifer what a little love she is! I love, love, love when they are so pooped they just collapse. I can't wait to hear how well she gets on w your family and more chapters in the puppy chronicles. xoxox jeanie, josie and macie

  3. How lovely, my children are banned from looking over my shoulder at the moment...she looks very content in the last picture. Jan x

  4. Hi Jane, sounds like a puppy after my own heart! X

    Hi Jeanie, I take it you got back from Las Vegas safely? Hope everything went OK. It was so sweet seeing her gradually get exhausted from playing and struggling to keep her eyes open! I just hope she doesn't find coming to a new home too traumatic on Friday, I'm very worried about her being distressed, hate to see her looking sad. Any advice on helping her to fit in? X

    Hi Jan, probably a wise move, I have gradually worn my parents down over the years! She does look quite happy doesn't she? Just hope she will be as content on Friday night! X