Saturday, 8 January 2011

Sneak Peek at this month's posts

My camera is finally out of its case and I am steadily trying to work my way through photographing the array of beauty products now scattered on my bedroom floor. This post is just a little preview of what will be coming up in the next few weeks, with products from Chantecaille, Illamasqua, Lipstick Queen, Emma Hardie, Sarah Chapman, Edward Bess, Rouge Bunny Rouge and MAC amongst others. Now all I need to do is write the posts!


  1. Wow lots of lovely goodies there for review! x

  2. My goodness! You've been a busy bee indeed!
    I see a few things that look familiar to me.... can't wait to read your thoughts =)

    x jeanie

  3. Hi Lady Cherry,
    I feel slightly daunted at the task! A lot is still left over from my birthday back in October. My aim is to try to be more organised with blog posts this year, rather than just the scattergun approach I tend to take! X

    Hi Jeanie,
    Yes, I saw a few of the items on your blog and got imspired. I finally got Medieval having seen it on you and really like it. I'm so impressed with Lipstick Queen. I think the discovery set I got was my favourite Christmas present. X

  4. What a great set of products - Lipstick Queen is a great range, the fact that she doesn't do scent or flavour puts her in my gang straight away - I just need to remember to wear the blasted things. Thanks for this. Jan x

  5. Great pics and great products! You have great taste! :)

  6. oohh what lovely products (especially all them amazing high-end nail polishes) - looking forward to all the blogposts and reviews :)

    Fee x

  7. Look at all the pretties! I look forward to the posts. Though I think you have enough to keep you going for several months there!
    Jane x