Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Q&A: Do you have a beauty product with one fatal flaw?

Right, this may sound like a bit of an odd question and it might only apply to me (possibly as the rest of you have more common sense), but it occurred to me today when I returned home and saw my face in the mirror, scary stuff.

I'd just had the most ludicrous appointment with my consultant this morning, he was running 90 minutes late, random people just wandering in to the consulting room without even knocking, consultant answering his mobile phone TWICE during the appointment and that is not even getting started on the medical side, but I digress. I had put on a bit of makeup to look respectable and grabbed the first mascara I had to hand, YSL Faux Cils. All was well with the world. When I returned home and saw my face, it looked like I had two black eyes and that is not an exaggeration.
YSL Faux Cils Mascara

I know that smudging is a problem for me with this mascara, and yet because it gives me the fullest looking lashes any mascara ever has, I have repurchased it more than once. I find myself thinking that if I carry a compact around with me I can just check my eyes every 30 minutes for smudging, maybe by now they'll have done something different with the formula to prevent it or my skin will be different and smudging will not occur. Madness.

So am I the only one that is so blinded by one positive feature of a beauty product that you choose to repeatedly ignore the negatives? I suppose in some ways it is like having a favourite nail varnish that always chips within half an hour or a lipstick that is incredibly drying but is your favourite colour.

I'm hoping that this is the last time I will be drawn in to buying YSL Faux Cils again, but who knows when the next bout of temporary insanity will strike?

As a random aside, is it only me that somehow manages to always end up with the most contagious person sitting next to me in the doctor's waiting room? I have carefully tried to avoid bugs of any kind all winter and then this very loud man plonks himself down by my side telling all and sundry in the most explicit detail how he has the most horrible virus, has given it to the rest of his family and it ruined his Christmas. Meanwhile worried glances are exchanged by all the other patients whilst I wonder how long I can hold my breath! Delightful.


  1. Hello Jennifer, I have just bought YSL faux cils and did exactly the same but had 2 brown eyes! I think mascara is one of the hardest products to get right - I was blinded by the blingyness of the packaging I think + the fact that my sister who is a mascaraficionado swears by it...probably as it is running down her cheeks. Sometimes a bit of smudge can look a bit sexy, sadly that has never worked for me. Happy New Year Jan x

  2. I also have the YSL Faux Cils and love it!
    But before getting it I did read lots about this smudging business so I actually only apply it to my upper lashes and it sorts out the problem.

    I use No7 Exception Definition mascara on my lower lashes as it really seperates them and isn't too it actually makes the upper lashes look even fuller (if that makes sense)!

    But seeing as I haven't ever experienced this smudging I think I will wear it on both my upper and lower lashes tomorrow (as I'm not going out) and see if it smudges for me!

    Fee x

    Ps. Really don't know why I hadn't heard of your blog sooner as it really is great!

  3. HI Jan,
    Lovely to hear from you! Glad it's not only me that is having problems with this mascara. I wouldn't mind as much if it was just a tiny bit of smudging but it was on n epic scale today! I do have this problem with a lot of mascaras though so maybe it's just my skin?
    Look forward to chattng to you on Twitter X

    Hi Fee,
    So glad you are enjoying my blog. I just bought the No 7 mascara today so will try that on my top and bottom lashes tomorrow and see what happens. I wonder if it's because I don't use powder under the eyes to set concealer? I might try the Hourglass mascara next that Jane has recommended but it seems a shame as I love the effect of the YSL. Glad it works for you,
    Jennifer X

  4. I use Diorshow mascara, and it also smudges. The consultant gave me a schpill about how it conditions the lashes and I thought 'yeah yeah, just ring it up', but bizarrely, it really does condition them! But I also don't apply to my bottom lashes, because I am a fan of forties make up and they went for heavy on the lid in terms of liner and mascara and a clean look underneath. It took a bit of getting used to but I love the mascara so much, it's the answer for me...and that is after years of trying different mascaras and never finding 'the one'! x