Friday, 7 January 2011

Purchase of the week

Right, I need to apologise for being a very bad beauty blogger. I've not posted as frequently as I have meant to and starting tomorrow that is something I intend to remedy. I've loads of new beauty items due to a massive overspend (I nearly fainted when I opened my credit card receipt) and they are currently siting in a basket on my bedroom floor waiting to be swatched and photographed. The problem is that I haven't been getting up until after midday recently as my sleep pattern is totally screwed, and this means there is hardly any time when there is enough natural light to take photos.

Tomorrow I am setting my alarm and plan on spending the whole day taking photos and swatching. So here is the last of my somewhat lazy posts, dedicated to the beautiful Whistles leather biker jacket my mum treated me to this week after a day of awful medical appointments. Thanks mum!

I've been watching a lot of The Good Wife on TV recently and although Alicia's style is probably mot similar to mine, timeless classic and figure flattering, I love Calinda's biker jackets. I saw the Whistles one back in October and almost got it for my birthday, but went for the aviator on instead. When I popped into Whistles on Wednesday there was only one left of this jacket at less than half price, and although I could have done with a size bigger, I never wear jackets done up so it still fits. The leather is gorgeous, buttery soft and I love the color - not quite brown, not quite burgundy, I call it rust. This make it that little bit more unusual so that was what I was drawn to.

I normally hate clothes shopping and end up buying makeup instead, but it is even more disheartening since I put on weight over the last year. I knew I was bigger, but I was kind of denial until I finally stepped on the scales at New Year. I was shocked to be a stone more than I thought I was,and 2 stone more than I normally am. Sadly that is what can happen all to easily when you have mobility problems. As only 1 pair out of 15 jeans still fits me, and I don't want to buy any new ones as I'd prefer to spend on beauty, the diet has started. Hopefully the fact that my jacket is a size too small will help with motivation!


  1. This looks like a great jacket - I love jackets and lived in a suede one purchased from some american classics 2nd hand shop in Covent Garden throughout the '80s but then I sort of look wrong in them now. Am with you on the beauty v clothes purchasing, clothes purchasing is a chore. Looking forward to the new posts. Jan x

  2. Looks like a lovely and very on trend jacket.
    Makeup always fits (even if it's the wrong color)- I loathe the dressing room x jeanie