Friday, 14 January 2011

Paul & Joe Creamy Matte Foundation - situation resolved

Some of you may remember that shortly before Christmas I posted about the Paul & Joe Creamy Matte Foundation that I had bought from I first saw it on Lipglossiping, where Charlotte was using shade no.2. I knew it would be quite dark as it is meant to be very blendable, but when I received the lightest shade, 0 Alabaster, I did not expect it to be at least 2-3 shades darker than my current skin tone.

Paul & Joe Creamy Matte Foundation - £16.75 on
I wondered whether there had been a labelling error and after many of you helpfully commented the same and advised m to get on to ASOS customer service, I contacted them and explained the problem. They wanted me to return the product and immediately dispatched a replacement. Unfortunately, the replacement was just as dark. Although it does blend well, even blended out it did not resemble my idea of Alabaster. When I returned the original, I asked for it to be exchanged for shade No.2, Fresh, described as the lightest pink based shade. I never received this but earlier this week I contacted ASOS again and mentioned I was a blogger.

That seemed to be the magic word as the next day my foundation in No.2 arrived. It still looks very dark but because of the pink undertone it is a much better match and I can get away with it when blended out. Despite the problems, I'm really impressed with the ASOS customer service and I look forward to being able to try out the foundation properly. A full review will be posted in about a month or so. I notice that four of the five shades are reduced to £16.75 on ASOS, and I can't  help wondering if this is because a number of other customers have had difficulty with the shades rather than the product itself.

Any excuse to post pictures of Alexander Skarsgard
 Completely unrelated, a quick heads up to let you all know that True Blood Season 3 starts tonight on the FX Channel and even if you aren't into vampires etc, it is well worth watching for the beauty that is Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northham in the show). I think of it as Twilight with a sense of humour, for grown ups. Having seen all of season 3 already, I can assure you that the cast gets even better looking with the addition of Alcide, a hotter version of Eric Bana, something I didn't think was physically possible. If you don't have Sky, True Blood will probably make it to Channel 4 later on this year.

Alexander Skarsgard
Alcide from True Blood Season 3


  1. I'm so glad I didn't buy that foundation! I saw it on Lipglossiping too and thought it sounded rather good. It would have been way too dark for me.

    And mmmm.. Alexander ;)

  2. Hi Kat,
    I still can't understand why they would make the shades so dark and I'm sure that is why they are so reduced on ASOS. Pictures of Alexander make everything better though don't they?!!!
    Jennifer X

  3. The shade range seems really irritating with this foundation. True Blood = Twilight with rutting. I love it! :D

  4. Grace - Quite, plus people occasionally crack a smile in Bon Temps!