Thursday, 20 January 2011

Outfit of the day - Work Wear

Some of you might remember be whining on about a law careers event in London that I was meant to attend in December but due to the weather it was postponed. Well, it is tomorrow and I have been seriously stressing about it all week. Not even the tennis at the Australian Open could distract me (well, perhaps for a few hours this morning when my favourite was knocked out, did nothing for my mood though).

I thought I had got everything organised before Christmas, what to wear, makeup, nail varnish, handbag etc, but on Monday I suddenly decided that I didn't look smart or business like enough so I have been on a massive spending spree to fill the work wear void in my wardrobe. The benefit of this is that all the things I liked were in the sale at about 75% off and I could get them all online. My various parcels from Hobbs and Karen Millen arrived today and along with a pair of low heels (the most I can cope with) from M&S, I think I am finally set.

I was going to post all the different outfits and see which ones you liked best for tomorrow but that could be quite dull and not to everyone's taste so I'll leave you with what I've decided on - a Karen Millen fitted tweed dress with some subtle neck detail, a grey tweed short tweed jacket with black ribbon detail from Hobbs and the all important spanx black dotty tights. Unfortunately, I seem to have managed to do something to my camera that has made everything look quite squashed so I look shorter and wider than in real life (same with my fingers in the latest manicure picture), but overall I think the dress is quite a flattering shape. I like to give the impression of a hourglass figure and the waist detailing on the dress helps with that.

In an ideal world the outfit would say 'you know you want to give me a job', but at the very least it says smart rather than student. It's quite odd looking at the pictures as the last time I wore clothes like this was in sixth form at school and some holiday jobs during university summer holidays, when I was two sizes smaller. Seeing myself like this takes some getting used to but the problem now is that if I continue with my diet plans, none of my nice new things will fit for very long!

I'm wearing a a black cashmere cardigan and a wool camel trench coat so what I can't decide on is nail varnish. I'm torn between Butter London's Yummy Mummy, the perfect nude (post coming soon) or Chanel Paradoxal as my makeup consists of mauve tones, think Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicate Hummingbird. What do you think?

Hopefully tomorrow will go well and be the perfect kick start I need for my law plans, but I think I'll be glad just to get it over so I can stop feeling so anxious all the time! Wish me luck x


  1. Very smart, sexy and sophisticated I'd say! You look fab!

  2. Wow your figure is fabulous - I am spitting with envy, these are beautiful clothes on a beautiful woman. I wish you loads and loads of good fortune. Jan x

  3. You look fabulous!! Very chic indeedy! Good luck tomorrow! :)

  4. You look great, I love the detailing on the dress. Nail polish wise I personally think that Yummy Mummy might be a bit too warm for this outfit. But I think that any colour that isn't too warm would look good with this outfit (sorry, I'm not being very helpful!).

    Have a great day tomorrow and good luck!

    x Klara

  5. Right here we go again, sorry for the late reply chick I tried to do so via my phone but it was having a strop earlier.

    I think it's a great outfit for a law careers' event. It's a lovely cut and gives you a fab Christina Hendricks figure. It's stylish without being too fussy and the colour is neutral. That is what you want, for them to focus on you and all you have to offer, not be distracted by what you are wearing.

    Do you ever get the free mag 'The Stylist'? It has got an article about first impressions and make up in it this week, if you can't grab it I am happy to send you my copy when I'm finished with it. It does say that women who wear red lipstick to interviews have got a 60% higher chance of being offered the job - as it comes across as powerful. But as it's a law be the judge of that! xx

  6. Hope the day went really well for you!

    Really like the neckline and waist detail to the the tights really add something to it! Really lovely.

    Fee x

  7. Great post! I love Karen Millen and enjoy seeing the way different people wear her clothes. Good luck! :)

  8. You look FABULOUS! I love both outfits!

    I hope everything went smoothly- I'm sure you were a standout! x jeanie

  9. Hi everybody,
    Firstly, I'm so sorry not to have relpied to your comments sooner, but the day in London went so well I have been struggling to sort out applications and work out where and when I will study my next course. All a little complicated!

    Most importantly though, thank you so much for your lovely comments. I know it sounds really cheesy but it meant such a lot to me to read them when I was so nervous about the event, and it is always nice to get a second opinion on an outfit!

    Klara: I had just decided on Chanel Paradoxal and then wasted two hours searching for it to no avail, so I had to stick with Yummy Mummy. I think I was the onyl one there wearing anything on my nails! X

    Lady Cherry: I think we do have The Stylist kicking around somewhere, I will have a good read of the article. Thanks for pointing it out. I think in such a competitive job market the little things count so much, maybe they shouldn't, but they do. I tend to like everything to be as perfect as it can be so I don't have to worry about anything in an interview situation. For me, the most important thing was that the dress was really comfortable, same with the shoes. I managed not to ladder my tights, quite an achievement, and it was appropriate for the occasion. It amazes me what some people consider business attire, ultra short skirts etc. I live next door to my old secondary school and we had a strict sixth form dress code, now the sixth formers I see look more like prostitutes than serious students. Some of them look quite terrifying! X

    Jeanie - Glad you like the dress, will email you a detailed account (probably bore you stupid!) of the whole thing! X

    Dempss01 - I have relied a lot on karen Millen for clothing in the past because the cut of a lot of their items really suits my figure. They assume people have curves and that makes things fit and look so much better on me. Some things can be a little OTT, but they have some lovely work dresses and simple silhouettes. X

    Charlie, Jan & Ms Wedgie - You are all too kind, can feel my ego expanding as I type! LOL X

  10. Fee - thanks, the neck and waist detail was what really drew me to it, they also do exactly the same dress in black and am seriously considering getting it, hoping it might come down a bit more in the sale first though X