Friday, 14 January 2011

New releases from Edward Bess and Rouge Bunny Rouge

I spent a lot of last night on Twitter debating whether or not to break my beauty budget (well that's one New Year's Resolution broken) on Rouge Bunny Rouge or Ellis Faas. After some lovely advice from Marina at Makeup4AllGrace London and Modesty Brown, I was thinking today would be the day I ordered my first pieces of Ellis Faas.

The powers that be must have sense my indecision though as this morning I woke to find an email from Zuneta saying the new Rouge Bunny Rouge cream eyeshadows were now in stock, and the latest Edward Bess lipstick shades. So less than 5 minutes later, my mind changed, a Zuneta order was placed and hopefully 2 of the Edward Bess lipsticks, Rose Demure and Blush Allure and 2 of the Rouge Bunny Rouge cream shadows in Chiffon Ringlet and Atlas Swallowtail are winging their way to me. I am beyond excited to receive this parcel!
Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick - £24

In total there are 3 new Edward Bess lip glosses, and 3 new lipsticks, which I think really fill a gap in his range. The lipsticks are all described as 'cool rosebud shades' which to me sound perfect. When looking at his lipsticks, they all seemed a little on the warm side (about from Night Romance, Tender Love and Forever Love), so it is nice to see things evened up a bit. I picked the two pinkest shades and gave Demi Buff a miss a it seemed a little brown for my liking. Blush Allure is said to be light rose whilst Rose Demure is classic rose. For a detailed review on the shades, check out Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book's post..

I'm not a huge lip gloss fan so I found it quite easy to resist those, but the three new shades look quite delectable. Said to suit every skin tone and contain no shimmer or glitter, I might check these out when I have more funds.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long Lasting Cream Eyeshadow - £26 (photo from

Possibly the most exciting launch for me is the Rouge Bunny Rouge Long lasting Cream Eyeshadow Silk Aether. There are five shades on offer and I think I would wear them all, but I chose a semi-sheer satin mauvish chocolate with copper reflections and a satin wash of nude taupe with pewter reflections. They sound divine and if the powder shadows are anything to go by, the quality should be fantastic.

I will try my best to post a review on these items as soon as I receive them, quite unlike me, but if you are interested I sense they might well sell out soon. Don't forget you can save 12.5% on Zuneta until the end of January with the discount code JANZU.


  1. ;) Oh, that e-mail = I am not going to buy the new EB glosses,I am not going to buy the new EB glosses, I am not... well, not now. But, I've already added them to my Zuneta wishlist & I am going to watch the video about RBR eye shadows just now + can't wait to hear your thoughts when you get your goodies x

  2. I was deeply disappointed with EB lipstick - it's the smell, a sort of burnt sugar, not unlike the Laura Mercier lipsticks, so I can resist with aplomb! Hope you enjoy it. Jan x

  3. Thank you so much for the discount code, it came useful :) I also ordered the RBR cream shadow in Chiffon Ringlet (and some other things) and can't wait to try it, I have high hopes.

    Looking forward to reading your reviews,

    x Klara

  4. The fragrance is the only thing keeping me from ordering one of these and now I see the new release is a pinky nude, very tempting.... Hey Edward get rid of the smells please =)

    I can't wait to read your thoughts. BTW- the blog is looking very spiffy x jeanie

  5. Hi Marina,
    I think it must have been fate that the Zuneta email arrived just after we'd been discussing the wonders of RBR & Edward Bess! Do you have any of the glosses already? If so, how do you find them? Sadly I had to miss out the Becca smoky eyes set, but maybe it will still be there next month X

    Hi Jan,
    I actually think it sometimes quite fortunate when you hate the smell or texture of something, great way of saving money! I only have one EB lipstick so far (got it for Chrstmas) ao I haven't worn it enough to notice the smell, but I do prefer unscented, or a vanilla scent like Chantecaille Lip Chics and Tom Ford, I could almost eat them they smell so good! Never tried Laura Mercier lipstick, I'm surprised they are scented. X

    Hi Klara,
    What other things did you get? The Chiffon Ringlet looks really pretty doesn't it? So pleased the discount code came in handy. I think you might get your products before me as the lipsticks haven't arrived in stock yet! Let me know on twitter what you think. I hope the shadows are fairly easy to use, I am severely lacking in technical expertise when it comes to makeup! X

    Hi Jeanie,
    It was the pinky nude that got me, I have a few pinks from Chanel but his shades look easier to wear. Fig does seem a very odd scent to use in a lipstick. Glad you like my new layout, I just can't figure out how to make the title picture stretch right accross the page - is bugging me! Also a big thank you for the blog award! Will post on it soon, am I allowed to tag yu back or is that not how it works? Am very new to all these things X

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    I also got an RBR lipstick and eyeshadow, Becca Beach Tint, M*G lip balm... will let you know when I receive the products and what I think of them.
    x Klara