Sunday, 9 January 2011

My Favourite Christmas Present - Lipstick Queen Discovery Set

The sun has finally come out today so it was full steam ahead with the swatches. I decided to start with probably my favourite Christmas present, the Lipstick Queen Discovery Set. I did a lot of research on Lipstick Queen before deciding what to ask for from Santa and found most beauty bloggers raving about Medieval, a red tinted balm. London Makeup Girl and Makeup Merriment both have great posts showing Medieval which encouraged me to go for this shade, but what sealed the deal was Jan from Beauty Diarist revealing that she had more than one back up of this.

Lipstick Queen Discovery Set

As a single item, Lipstick Queen Medieval costs £20 from Space NK but the Discovery Set, including Medieval, Butterfly Ball Fly and Saint Nude, cost just about £42 from what I can remember, giving a saving of over £10 if you bought all three individually. I've just checked the Space NK website and can't find the kit at the moment, but it was there before Christmas so might appear again or still be available in store.

Left to right: Butterfly Ball Fly, Medieval, Sant Nude

Swatches Left to Right: Butterfly Ball Fly, Medieval, Saint Nude

I love the look you get when you wear a dark lipstick or a red and then blot almost all of it off with tissue. I know a lot of people swear by liquid lip tints like Benefit's Benetint for this but I find that too drying and patchy in application. The Benetint Balm I also found much too waxy for my taste, I guess there is just no pleasing me! I was really happy when Medieval gave me just the kind of look I wanted, subtle but an improvement on my natural lip colour and reasonably moisturising to boot. It look a little scary in the bullet but is very sheer when swatched and on the lips. I'd definitely repurchase.


I wasn't too sure what the other shades of textures were in the kit so Butterfly Ball Fly was a pleasant surprise. It is an easy to wear, vibrant sheer pink. Not as sheer as Medieval but not as opaque as a normal lipstick. I love the shade and the finish, almost glossy, as it is very flattering on dry, chapped lips like mine!

Butterfly Ball Fly

The one shade I wouldn't have picked myself is Saint Nude, just because I don't like muddy, brown colours. The Saint lipsticks only have 10% pigment in them and are made to be sheer and moisturising. It is strange but I actually find the Butterfly Ball lipstick to be more moisturising, although both are very comfortable on the lips. I always tend to find nude shades too brown on my lips, which are naturally quite pigmented and this is no exception. If that is what you like, then I'm sure this would be a great choice, but it is just not for me. However, I would definitely get another of the Saint lipsticks in a different colour. I'm hoping that when I go to London at the end of the month I'll be able to to try some of the range out in store so I can make some more informed choices.

Saint Nude

Overall I am really impressed with what I have tried so far from lipstick Queen. I think it is quite reasonably priced for the quality of the product and in future I will leave Chanel and MAC lipsticks behind in favour of these, as although I own a lot from both brands, I can find them a bit drying. Lipstick Queen Medieval has earned its place as a staple in my handbag.
  • Lipstick Queen Medieval - £20
  • Lipstick Queen Saint Nude - £17
  • Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball Fly - £18
All prices from

Please excuse the sorry state of my lipstick application and the odd shape of my lips, unfortunately years of orthodontic work on my teeth and jaw has taken its toll - basically screwing up my mouth!


  1. Ohh I am so glad you like the Medieval Jennifer, I am trying to resurrect my old post on this but to no avail so will have to re-post. Thankyou for the mention. I have got Saint Nude and am still unsure agree about the muddiness, and I have Fly too. This is a great post, I think you have beautifully shaped lips (sorry if that sounds weird!) what I mean is that there is enough lip to do the product justice. Jan x

  2. Thanks Jan! Didn't you say in your giveaway post you had about four of Medieval? That spoke volumes so I thought I'd better try it! Do you have any other Lipstick Queen colours? I've been looking at loads on London Makeup Girl and I want them all, they are probably the most moisturising lip product I've ever found.

    I'm glad you don't think my lips are too oddly shaped, my issue is that they are sort of asymetric. I had a ton of orthodontic work done when I was ten to try and and bring my jaw forward but they didn't do it for long enough so it is now worse than ever and I'm having braces again, but apparently they can't do anything for the jaw because I'm fully grown, only alternative would be for them to break it. So now I have a messed up jawline always giving me a double chin and I don't even have straight teeth! Life is so unfair. Is there no way you can get all you old posts back? I would be so upset if I lost all mine, all that work! Are you enjoying you return to blogging? X

  3. I like all of them, but medieval in particular :-) x

  4. Yes I have 4 Medievals - well remembered! I do really rate the range. No can't get the blog back or the photos, never mind. Your blog is looking really good and I am thoroughly enjoying the getting back in to reading everyones posts. Jan x