Monday, 3 January 2011

Monday Manicure: Butter London's Henley Regatta

This is my first ever Butter London nail polish and although I would have been happy with any of their shades as they all look stunning and that little bit different, for my first purchase I decided to go for something out of my comfort zone. The sparkly turquoise glitter of Henley Regatta appealed to my inner magpie and seemed to fit the bill.

Butter London Nail Polish in Henley Regatta - £10
 Somehow I managed to refrain from buying any of the OPI Burlesque Collection which was full of glitter shades, so I thought Henley Regatta would fill that void. Even though my nail polish collection is well into 3 figures, I can safely say that I have nothing like this shade. It is a very cool vibrant aqua with a lighter, turquoise glitter. A bit of a strange choice for winter but I thought I'd see the New Year in with a burst of colour, I think it will come into its own in summer. It would look fantastic with a tan.

Although I am very happy with the shade and the quality of the polish, I was quite shocked when I opened my parcel and saw just how small the bottle was. I don't know why but I automatically assumed the bottle would be a lot bigger and wondered if I had by mistake ordered a miniature size. I think the problem is that in all the photos I have seen of Butter London polishes, it is hard to get an accurate idea of size. To resolve this I have gone all QVC on you and done a photo of the bottle next to a ruler, been watching too many jewellery shows!

I applied OPI Nail Envy as a base coat and then used three coats of Henley Regatta to get an opaque finish. It could probably have done with a fourth but I was getting impatient! I finished with one coat of Leighton Denny Crystal Finish Top Coat and the wear has been excellent. The photos were taken about 3 days after application and as I am writing this, I have had no chips, just some very slight wear to the tips after a week.

3 coats of Henley Regatta applied
 Overall I am really pleased to have finally tried this brand that I heard a lot about on other blogs in 2010. Even though I was disappointed with the size, it didn't stop me ordering another 4 shades from as they were 20% off with free shipping (on New Year's Day). Having stuck to OPI for a long time, it is quite refreshing to try a new make and see their quirky range of colours. I think I'll still be able to find room for OPI Texas though!

Butter London Nail Polsihes are 0.3 fl oz in size and generally retail for £10. You can buy them direct from Butter London or other beauty websites like Zuneta, HQhair and Look Fantastic. I have also found them on and although I haven't used the site myself, it appeals because everything is free shipping. They claim to have a 4 for 3 offer going on at the moment but I can't get it to work and even after emailing them have heard nothing.


  1. This looks great. I haven't tried this brand but hopefully will this year!

  2. It is an unusual shade. I love nail varnish too but get annoyed when it chips quickly after all that effort, and I begrudge paying £10+ for nail polish...afterall if you want lots of different shades, it all adds up. I haven't heard of this make before, will look out for it. x

  3. Love this on you! You know I love the teal-ish shades though =) Lucky you with the wear being so good, I'm impressed!

    I thought the bottle was small-ish too but how often do you really use up a bottle of varnish? lol

    I wish all brands would offer mini's like OPI does then we could get more colors and have the possibility of using one up!
    x jeanie

  4. Hi Michelle, it is quite striking isn't it? I'd never heard of Butter London until I started reading other blogs but it seems to be stocked in quite a few different stores X

    Hi lady Cherry,
    It is definitely a range to look out for just because it has a very interesting range of shades, something out of the ordinary. I really love OPI but resent paying £10 a bottle when it is so much cheaper in America. X

    Hi Jeanie,
    I must admit I have never ever used up a bottle of nail varnish, in fact all my bottes look pretty much untouched! I really like the minis for some unusual colours that I know I'd never wear more than a couple of times. The only item I ever run out of is nail polish remover! X

  5. Love the look of the polish and have never tried Butter before but the size for £10 does put me off!

    But then again has anyone else finished a nail polish!
    Would love to see mini sets of these in the future..not only would they look so cute but it would make they alot more affordable!

    Fee x

  6. Hi Fee,
    I agree £10 seems a bit steep. I only tried Butter London because there were quite a few offers on. With the 30% HQhair discount they were down to £7 a bottle and at lookfantastic there was 20% off plus a voucher so about £7.50 each. They seem to come up on quite a few websites in 3 for 2 or 4 for 3 offers so if I get anymore I'll only do it when an offer is on. It's funny because I'd never spend £10 on a polish (unless Chanel, my one weakness) in store, but somehow buying online it doesn't seem so bad. I guess you pay more attention when you are physically handing over cash. A mini set would be great of Butter London, only problem is I don't know how they could make the bottle any smaller! X

  7. Know I'm a little late to the party, but I love Butter London and am SO thrilled we decided to carry it at our little shop. Henley Regatta's my new fav - reminds me of a banana bike seat! It wears so well and goes on like a dream. I had to undercoat Henley with Victoriana (another fav), but it looks fab! People love the great colors and we are selling it faster than we ever expected!

  8. Hi Domestica,
    Where is your shop? I wish there was a store near me that carries the line so I could have a browse in person. Glad the range is selling well for you, I love the colours! x