Saturday, 1 January 2011

I'm on Twitter!

So I have managed to keep my first New Year's resolution, to get on Twitter. I've thought about it for ages but finally with some encouragement from Charlie I've done it. Not overly sure how the whole thing works yet, convinced I will soon make some horrible faux pas, if I haven't already, plus I will reveal how atrocious my spelling is to the world!

I'm currently following a lovely mix of beauty bloggers (those I could remember off the top of my head) and Formula 1 commentators, possibly a strange mix but it's enough to get me started. Let me know if you're on Twitter and I will try to work out how to follow you, I really am that useless. My mum got an iPad for Christmas (ironic seeing as she was the one person in my family who didn't want one or even know what it was and yet she is the first to get one!) and she is using it like a pro now, puts me to shame.

 Unfortunately my second New Year's resolution, to build my own website, might be a lot trickier. I am armed with Dummies books though so am giving myself till the end of January. I have kept postponing it in the desperate hope that my Cambridge Computer Science graduate older brother will help me, but no joy. As he delights in reminding me, he has a 'proper' job.

You can find me on Twitter as LipstickLuvvies, and a big thank you to Klara for welcoming me so quickly! Hopefully Twitter plus blogging will provide a wonderful distraction from studying for my Law finals in April.

Happy New Year everyone X


  1. Yay! I found you last night. You'll find that Twitter starts to take over your life! I find myself Tweeting while I'm out shopping "should I get this, or this?" it's lethal. Happy New Year x

  2. Hi Leanne,
    Thanks for finding me! I'm so pleased that everyone seems so friendy and welcoming on Twitter, especially as I was quite nervous about the whole thing beforehand(hence why I put it off for so long). Feel very silly now!
    Hopefully chat to you a lot more in 2011,
    Jennifer X