Monday, 17 January 2011

Golden Globes - hits and misses

Having been informed that the talented and generally fabulous Mikey Castillo was advising how to create the makeup looks of Olivia Wilde and Georgina Chapman of Marchesa, I had to post the two look breakdowns for you. I thought they both looked beautiful and although I think Olivia's Marchesa gown would have been better for the Oscars, she was definitely one of the better dressed of the night (possibly because I am still lusting after the Lanvin for H&M tulle prom dress which is similar but more subdued).

To create this flawless complexion use Classic Finish Foundation in Shade #7 with Pressed Powder #4 and Traviata Blush/Bronzer to gently highlight.

Use Champagne eye pencil smudged on lid, rimmed inside the water-eyeline and underneath the lower eyelashes to create a soft base. Then layer Spicy Eyeshadow, Corinthian Eyeshadow and Thunder Eyeshadow blended on the eyelid and gently smoked underneath the eye to intensify mystery. Finish off with Presision Eyeliner in Noir on upper lash line, with two coats of Blackish-Brown Anamorphic Mascara.

Eyebrows: A Blend of Fawn and Brunette Eyebrow Pencils

Lips: Create the soft nude lip with a touch of coral with Les Artistes Lip Kaleidoscope Palette with the Nudite Lip Pencil.
If any of those products will give me Olivia's cheekbones, I will buy them all!
And now onto the designer of Olivia's dress, the equally beautiful Georgina Chapman of Marchesa:
To create this flawless complexion use Classic Finish Foundation in Shade #9 with Peau Vierge Concealer in shade #7. Use the Romeo & Juliet blushing bronzed duo on cheeks with Maldives to Bronze and contour  and finish with Pressed Powder in shade #5

To create this sultry smokey look use the new Splendid Frost Eye Kaleidoscope with all four shades layered.  Layer Precision Liner in Noir smudged in the inner water line and outer rim of eye to increase the smokey effect and finish with tons of Anamorphic Mascara in Noir and individual false lashes for the doe eyed look.

Lips: Use Bondi Beach Lipstick paired with Cannes Lip Brilliance to add a subtle sheen.
I only wish that we were getting the Splendid Frost Eye Kaleidoscope Kit over here in the UK, but apparently yet again we are missing out. I don't think I've ever been so jealous of Americans!
If you want a closer look at it, here is the link to it at Bergdorf Goodman.
This year was the first year I watched the Golden Globes and to be honest, I was a little disappointed. There were only a couple of dresses I would have considered wearing, others either looked dated or more appropriate for a strip club, yes Halle Berry and January Jones I mean you. I can't believe that with all the frocks they have on offer and the stylists they employ, they couldn't have done better and gone for a more sophisticated look.
Maybe I am being a bit harsh but this is coming from the girl that refused to go to her sixth form ball because I didn't have the right dress (I don't think I missed anything). Three months into university I found it, calling to me whilst I was on an escalator in Harvey Nichols Edinburgh, a Matthew Williamson embellished silk column dress in shades of lilac and purple. I blew half my student loan for that term (I did call my parents first and ask if it was OK) and I plan on passing it down to my daughter if I'm ever fortunate enough to have one, so she can go to her school ball!

My beloved Matthew Williamson ball dress - it needs shortening plus the straps also need shortening, but I still adore it!

The back of my Matthew Williamson dress, is much prettier in real life.
I did think that Christina Hendricks look fabulous, I would never have thought to pair such a vivid red with her hair colour but strangely it worked. Her hair, dress and makeup all complimented each other and many stars could learn something from the sexy Mad Men star - more flesh does not mean more sex appeal.

I liked Anne Hathaway's gold Armani number, and although I don't really like Angelina Jolie or her makeup (she looks too corpse like in my opinion), I did like her dress. It was simple and the shade of green was lovely. So lovely in fact that I bought a jacket and pencil skirt from Hobbs today in that same colour. It seemed to be a popular choice with Mila Kunis and Catherine Zeta Jones also wearing greens, but I tend to feel Catherine always looks older than she is with the clothes she picks, maybe she is trying to disguise the age gap between her and her husband? Just a thought.
The cheerleader from Glee looked very grown up and ethereal, but what struck me most about the night was how naturally beautiful Colin Firth's wife Livia is. To my eyes, she outshone all of the starlets there, with the exception of Christina Hendricks. Mr Darcy is one lucky man.
I'm looking forward to the BAFTAS and The Oscars because I love to see what actresses like Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightly will wear. They have both barely put a foot wrong since their rise to stardom, never looking cheap and usually dressing appropriately for their age.
Who did you rate fashion and beauty wise at the award ceremony?

If  you want to see pictures of the actual red carpet dresses, you could do a google search or check out

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  1. Hi Jennifer

    First off, lovely of you to share your gorgeous dress with us- you look marvelous! I totally agree with you about CH- she was stunning! I thought JJ's dress was a little bondage-ish for outside the boudoir and you are right about HB (shame on her- she's one of the most gorgeous creatures on the planet- she should have known better and needs to fire her stylist!) I also didn't like MW with the flower dress- it was just so odd and she is so pretty- why wear a frock like that- it looked sort of thrown together in the yardage store.

    I caught a fun moment with Colin F and his BEAUTIFUL wife on E! after the awards. They are SO cute and sweet together- perfect match.

    Hopefully, the Oscars will be better x jeanie