Friday, 3 December 2010

YSL Touche D'Or - an easy way to get a golden glow

This was the item I had such a hard time trying to get someone in Debenhams to sell to me! However, I persevered (for longer than I should have really, but I desperately wanted it) and here is a quick swatch for you.

YSL Touche D'Or - £28

Released just for Christmas it is a gold version of the iconic Touche Eclat, which makes a shimmery gold highlighter for eyes and cheeks. I struggle to get to grips with the original Touche Eclat, it just doesn't seem to do anything for me, and I much prefer Clinique's Airbrush Concealer. However, I was very attracted by the simplicity of a highlighter in a pen like this, perfect for adding that Christmas touch to daytime makeup, no need to redo everything if heading out in the evening.

I really like the effect of this, it is more festive and sparkly than Benefit's Moonbeam, but oddly, I also think more sophisticated. Hopefully the swatch will give you an idea of the effect, but it was a little difficult to capture it on camera.

Quite a heavy swatch of Touche D'or
I'm sure you could find similar highlighters for a lot cheaper price as £28 is a lot for a small amount of product, but I like the pen application and well, it's Christmas! This will do me nicely until I can afford one of the Rouge Bunny Rouge highlighters.


  1. Oh Jennifer- why must you post pictures of golden goodies??? I am SO weak when it comes to these types of products! Oh well, another thing to add to my LONG list of lemmings. x jeanie

  2. Hi Jeanie,
    Having read your comment I think I'll dig out my gold Chanel nail polish when I paint my nails tomorrow, just for you! At least it suits this kind of year.

    Not really beauty related but at university in the days when I used to go out in the evenings (years ago), my favourite outfit was a gold fitted dress. It would probably now be classed as part of the body con trend but was amazing, knee length and halterneck, like something out of an old film. it might sound a little tacky the way I'm describing it but it really was lovely. I doubt I could get one leg in it now! Is still hanging in the wardrobe though for posterity's sake. X