Friday, 31 December 2010

My last beauty haul of 2010

MAC Cham Pale Collection
I am suffering from major overspending guilt this evening, but I figure if there is a day to do it then it must be today, as tomorrow I can start over with all my good intentions. I put it down to being trapped inside for the past 3 weeks due to snow etc, is enough to drive anyone a little crazy!

My mother uttered the fatal words to me today, 'do you want to pop to Canterbury later?' For me, Canterbury is the nearest place with any kind of a selection of beauty counters plus a big Boots, basically a recipe for spending. This was made worse by the realisation as I walked into Fenwicks that they had the MAC Cham Pale Collection in. I truly only went there to find out the release date for the Chanel Spring Collection, 28th January in case you are interested, but I left with a slightly eclectic array of beauty goodies.

To help ease my conscience I am thinking that my whole shopping expedition was down to fate. Firstly, Champale being released and in stock as I had wanted some of this range. Secondly, there was a big sale section with some All About Eve products in at half price and as I resisted the QVC TSV last week, I felt justified in picking up the body butter, body lotion and lipstick. As I was leaving, I passed YSL where they had a small selection of sale products and to my surprise, they had the Manicure Couture Nail Varnish Duos in Belle de Nuit and Belle de Jour. I had been looking for these for ages and given up all hope of ever finding them so to get them in the sale was an opportunity I could not miss. Somehow I also ended up with concealers from Dior and Chanel (spots are multiplying), false eyelashes (which I have never bought in my life), Chanel Imitable Mascara in Purple and a 200ml bottle of Bio Oil (my new weapon in the fight against stretch marks - got through one of these in two weeks). An odd mix.

I felt even worse when I arrived home to see my Zuneta order had arrived with my sale items and my Guerlain Rouge G lipstick from House of Fraser. I think it's like when you gorge yourself on chocolate cake, which seems a good idea at the time, but then about 30 minutes later you feel quite ill. I'm sat with these things littered over my bed just picturing the items in bank notes and I feel a little nauseous (in fairness though I did spend yesterday listing all manner of items on eBay in an attempt to make money, so I guess it balances out in the end).

Chanel Spring 2011 Collection
To combat this I have decided that in 2011 I will be setting myself a fairly tight monthly beauty budget and sticking to it because I have done serious damage to my plastic in the latter part of this year. This is partly because I have been exposed to all sorts of new and exciting things on other beauty blogs and in the words of Oscar Wilde, 'I can resist everything except temptation'. Unfortunately, I have law school fees (hefty ones) to pay come September so some drastic saving is in order. As beauty is my main expenditure, that is what has to be slashed.

After talking to the sales assistants today though it appears I am not the only one that has been on a spending spree today. The Chanel counter was totally sold out of all its red lipsticks and red nail varnishes because of people getting ready for New Year's Eve parties and Boots was packed with young girls stocking up on false nails, eyelashes and fake tan.

Sadly, my evening consists of watching a re-run of Jonathan Creek, and then the Swedish version of Wallander on iplayer - I've never really been one for going out at New Year. I did Hogmanay once in Edinburgh and although fun, it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I tend to have better nights out when there is less anticipation and more spontaneity.

I decided not to do a best products of 2010, partly because so many others have done it and although I find them a fascinating read, I didn't feel I had too much else to add, and also as I have discovered a lot of great items in the last month and I want a little longer to test them out before recommending them. I do have a handful of brands that I hope to try out in 2011 though and they are:
  • Ellis Faas
  • Malin & Goetz
  • RMK
  • Cle de Peau
  • Illamasqua
  • Butter London
  • Hourglass

Ellis Faas Eye Lights
Sorry this post has turned into a bit of a ramble, one of my New Year's resolutions will be to make my posts more concise! All that is left to be said is that I have absolutely loved beauty blogging in 2010 and I hope that wherever you are and whoever you're with, you have a great night and a fabulous 2011.


  1. I have a small list for Champale! Two paint pots, one gelee, Chez chez lame, and a lip conditioner, oh and the I get no kick pencil... what did you get? x

  2. Hi Charlie,
    Well....since you ask, I got the two highlighting powders, two paint pots (chilled on ice and dangerous cuvee, wanted vintage but they'd sold out) the no kick pencil and the nail polish in soiree (I must have missed the lip conditioners as if i'd seen one, I'd definitely have got one). I also got a lipstick from the other new collection, can't remember what it is called, but the lipstick is called Gulabi, a very very bright pink. My aim at MAC is to spend as little time there as possible so I made my mind up pretty quickly. Counter was filled with teenagers, and was depressed that I was the oldest there, even older than the staff! I'm not usually that into MAC collections but Cham Pale is my kind of thing so it was lucky I popped in today X

  3. Oh! Gulabi is on my list too! How funny, and those are the paint pots I want! We must have similar taste :)

  4. It sounds like you had a good to me! I have been in mostly for the last few weeks and it can do strange things to the brain! I have put in an order to Zuneta this evening and expect some other little splurges before the VAT increase.

    Happy New Year x

  5. Hi Jane,
    oooo, what have you ordered (sorry am so nosey? Have been assembling a virtual basket for Zuneta this evening but am waiting to see how much eBay stuff I sell before I finalise it. I really want the Edward Bess lipstick in Forever Yours, Malin & Goetz lip balm, a RBR blush and am contemplating the EB foundation, but really don't need another!

    I love how I have spent the first few minutes of the new year compiling another shopping list! Not a good way to start my new year's resolution!

    Happy New Year X

  6. I like your rambly posts, don't make them shorter :)
    I would love to get some Malin+Goetz and Hourglass in the new year and I'll be also getting some Le Metier de Beaute products and can't wait to try them as well. Oh and Zu has mentioned on twitter that they will be getting the RBR cream eyeshadows - the temptations never end.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Small world I went shopping in Canterbury on NYE and I also went to the MAC counter in Fenwick! I bought myself some setting powder - I have quite oily skin but I prefer a more dewy finish that pressed or loose powder doesn't give. I did cast my eye over the lipsticks but I had already picked up Rimmel's 'Red Fever' from Boots. I could spend hours in that Boots! x

  8. I ordered RBR Delicata blush, eyeshadow brush and the bejewelled skylark eyeshadow, as well as Hourglass Femme Rouge in Fresco. Just a small order ;). I was tempted to add one of the RBR blusher brushes or the Becca Enigma palette but I resisted!

    The EB foundation is lovely having seen the man himself apply it to Grace. Maybe you can set yourself a target of finishing X number of foundations then treating yourself? x

  9. HI Jane,
    Delicata blush was one of the items I was going to get, wanted to try gracilis as well but is sold out. I really want to try and get some decent brushes this year, do you find RBR ones very good quality? I was really interested in the Enigma palette, I passed and got a MAC holiday one instead as I thought the colours were similar but I'm quite disappointed with it, should have gone with the BECCA.

    Am pondering the Hourglass mascara and maybe the EB foundation can wait (trying to work out if the lightest shade will be light enough), as I want to see what the new Chanel one is like at the end of Jan. I keep having to rejig my virtual basket so that it is as near to the free shipping limit as possible! X

  10. I really like the mascara (which I think I've said about a million times), Marina recommended Lancome Hypnose so I want to give that a try to compare. My other half made the executive decision on Enigma which was "it looks too much like your other stuff". Fair point, well made I suppose!

    I haven't tried the RBR brushes yet. Replica has a couple and has made me want them. I've wanted the LY one she reviewed ages too. I have quite a few brushes already but they're mostly MAC. Do you have many brushes already? I would recommend visiting a CCO if you can, I've picked up a lot that way.

  11. My mum is always saying stuff like that to me whenever I buy anything new, especially with nail varnish, she doesn't understand the finer nuances of each one!

    I wanted to try an Edward Bess face brush as The Non-Blonde blogged about using one to get a really professional finish with the pot rouge so was interested in copying that.

    I have a lot of brushes but they are a very random selection, a few MAC, a couple Laura Mercier, some Smashbox and a few Chanel. I really want to get some kind of uniformity and my plan for 2011 was to stick to one brand and buy one a month so that by the end of the year I had a good set. I like the idea of Suqqu face brushes but I heard they are terribly expensive and so hard to get hold of. So maybe RBR would be a good option. What is CCO? (I feel so niave that I don't understand so many of the abbreviations floating around at the moment. Also on Twitter, what is the FF thing I keep seeing a lot?

    As well as actually getting some brushes, I'd really like to know how to use them properly, I think that would make the biggest difference to my application!

    The brush I have most of is the Bobbi Brown eyeliner one, about 4 of them as QVC keep including it in the Bobbi Brown sets. If you don't have one already, drop me an email and I'll send one to you, I barely use one let alone 4!

  12. Before I forget CCO - Cosmetics Company Outlet. It's the Estee Lauder stores at places like Bicester and Gunwharf. Have you ever been to one? I used to go to the shop at Bicester quite a lot as it's nearby to my in laws. Some of my best finds have been the brushes.

    FF is follow friday. It's something that started some time ago I think. On Friday's people tend to recommend people for others to follow. It's quite handy for finding people to connect with.

    Your brush collection sounds lovely, I don't necessarily think it's important to have a uniform collection. It's more about the performance of individual brushes. I don't think any one brand ticks all the boxes. The Suqqu really appeal to me too. The mini brush in my quad is lovely. I mean to send my Mum on a Suqqu hunt next time she goes to Bangkok. The RBR brushes look lovely. I've very tempted by the EB eye brush. I would talk to Replica if I were you, she has a great selection. The EB eye brush, lots of Illamasqua and RBR, she's certainly skilled in using them too!

    Are you looking in to some courses? I'd like to learn more about application and placement but just for personal use. I don't suppose there are many courses geared to that?

    Thank you very much for the offer of the brush, I shall email you. Ooops, this has turned in to an epic!

  13. CCO sounds liek my idea of heaven, sadly am not near anywhere like that. I've always wanted to go to Bicester but is too far for me to travel at the moment.

    I have been reading a lot of Replica's reviews on brushes, so many sound great. I am really impressed with the quality of the Suqqu brush in my eyeshadow quad and in a nuance powder thing I got recently, so soft. Puts other brands to shame. My issue is although I know they'll be expensive, I don't know how expensive, and I'd prefer to know what t he price is before I approach the counter (I'm such a coward). I thought about having a look in Selfridges potentially when I'm in London on the 21st, but don't want to have a heart attack if hte price is astronomical!

    My main problem with brushes is I am so lazy when it comes to cleaning them. I really want to get some good face brushes, have a lot of misc eye ones floating around.

    I'd love a course and am really hoping Lisa Eldridge might do one, people have asked before and she said she'd let everyone know if she did decide to. London seems to be the place for them, I know Jemma Kidd, Becca and Illamasqua do them, but they are so expensive. I'll probably have to wait until I am fit enough to live in London and do my solicitor training. Although I'll be constantly broke being surrounded by makeup shops! The future is all a bit uncertain at the moment.

    Just email me your address and I'll send the brush out to you. Going to be the post office all week after epic ebay selling in a desperate attempt to afford my next Zuneta purchases X

  14. I have absolutely no idea how much the brushes are. No one ever seems to mention it so I take that to mean astronomical!

    I realise Bicester is a bit of a way but is Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth not close to you? There is a CCO shop there. (

  15. Hi Jane,
    My thoughts exactly re. Suqqu brushes!

    Sadly Portsmouth is even further from me than Bicester I think. I live in East Kent, about 15 mins away from Dover so nowhere is very close. Is easier for me to get to France than Bicester or Portsmouth!

    Hopefully if I get a bit better and get more used to going to London I might be able to do a trek to Bicester in summer. Are there good things there besides the makeup store? I think my brother's future sister-in-law (bit of a mouthful) lives right by Bicester so if I ever meet her, I could try and pop in.

    I was far closer to outlets and good shopping when I lived up in Scotland and used to go far more, but I was driving then and the trains were much better there. I miss St Andrews so much! X

  16. Ah, my geography isn't up to much in the South of England! I'm from Yorkshire and went to Uni in Norwich so I'm currently in alien territory!

    I live close to Bicester. It's just down the road from my in laws so I'm intrigued as to where your future SIL lives!

    I'll send you that email now :)