Thursday, 30 December 2010

A little bit of Lola Rose (maybe make that a lot!)

If only for the sake of proving that I do buy something other than makeup and skincare, I thought I would give you a peek at one of the other major drains on my finances, Lola Rose jewellery.

It may sound stupid given the size of my collection, but I'm actually surprised that I like the range so much. I normally go for more delicate styles, but I think Lola Rose just calls out to my love of colour, much like makeup. I never grow tired of looking at different coloured nail varnishes and lipsticks, or semi precious stones. It amazes me what wonders the earth contains. Persian Agate was my favourite stone for a while but I recently saw a special type of grey stone which has so many natural variations ranging from light grey to an almost ochre yellow colour in some pieces on QVC so I think that will be my next purchase.

The Persian Agate is in the necklaces third and fifth from the left

So a bit of a random post but I was sorting through all my drawers today trying to be more organised for 2011 and as I had my camera to hand, I thought it would be a bit of a break from best products of the year etc (don't worry, mine is still to come!). If you like Lola Rose, it is definitely worth checking out their sale as I got a lot of my necklaces in the summer sale, at 75% off, making it much more affordable.


  1. What a collection!

    So many colors there- just beautiful!

  2. So many pretty things Jenny I would find it hard to make my choice in the mornings!! Happy new year also.x

  3. Hi Bertie (feels so odd calling you that!),
    After the physio I've had today I'm not going to be wearing any of it for a good while, well necklaces. They are just too heavy for my overly sensitive neck after 45 minutes of manipulation! the physio literally had me in a headlock! The Lola Rose is pretty to look at though.

    Hope you had a good Christmas & New Year, are you feeling any better? How are you doing with the Pilates? X