Saturday, 18 December 2010

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Christmas is just one week away and as we've had over 4 inches of snow in the last hour here in Kent, I'm feeling festive, finally. I don't know all of you personally but I wanted to wish everyone, fellow bloggers, readers and followers a very happy Christmas. Making handmade cards is the main way I fund my expensive beauty habit and as I can't send you individual ones, the best I could come up with was this:

I'm looking forward to seeing swatches and reviews of people's beauty orientated presents and who knows, maybe there will be some great bargains to be had in the sales (I can dream). I will be kept occupied over the Christmas holiday trying to prepare for my New Year's Resolution, to start tweeting on Twitter. I have been convinced that it is the way forward and I'm sure it can't be too difficult, I hope!

Happy Christmas everyone,



  1. Lovely! Your cards are really lovely.

    Still can't get over your lovely handwriting!

    Merry Christmas :)

  2. Thanks Charlie, I think the secret is writing with a fountain pen, if I write in biro it is illegible! X

  3. What a lovely card, and how odd, we are both in Kent. Where it is snowing now. Again.

    Here's to a White Christmas! x

  4. Beautiful card! Merry Christmas lovely xx

  5. Your cards are very beautiful! I'm hoping for some great sale bargains as well but until then, I'm wishing you a merry Christmas!
    x Klara

    P.s. See you on twitter ;)

  6. Hi Lady Cherry
    Sorry for leaving it so long to reply to your comment but the moment I saw it I checked out your blog and read it all, I love it! Second to makep, films are a huge love of mine, especially ones from the 30s, 40s and 50s. I am so envious of your dress making skills, I am useless with a sewing machine. I'm determined to take a class at some point as it must be fabulous to be able to make your own vintage style dresses.

    Have a great Christmas (sadly the snow has almost gone now)

    jennifer X

    Hi Charlotte,
    Have a lovely Christmas and thanks for your advice this year X

    Hi klara,
    I didn't realise you were on twitter! I'll definitely look out for you if I can figure out how to use it (can't be harder than law can it?!)
    Have a great Christmas,

    Jennifer X

  7. Merry Christmas Jennifer! I hope you have a fantastic day. Your cards are beautiful. Do you sell via Etsy or take commissions at all?

    I won the Smoke Red by the way. It was a last 5 seconds nail biter bid! It's not here yet but it was worth it for the thrill of the chase.

    Take care and talk soon. I hope Santa brings you lots of lovely things xx

  8. HI Jane,
    So glad you got the Smoke Red, you'll have to let me know what it's like as it is the next on my list. I find the auctions get quite addictive!

    I have about 800 cards all in boxes in our dining room at the moment, I just sell some at the local farmer's market which is once a month. The baby cards are my favourite. I've been meaning to set up a website to sell from for the last two years but am determined to do it in January, hopefully.

    Can't wait to try out my new RBR eyeshadows tomorrow!

    Have a lovely Christmas

    Jennifer X

    P.S. I feel a bit bad that I bought my first sale item already, House of Fraser had a Guerlain Rouge G in the shade I wanted at £14.50, too good to miss!