Saturday, 11 December 2010

Gold Nails: Chanel Gold Fiction

A couple of you suggested gold when I asked for your advice on what to wear on my nails for a career event, and although gold wasn't my final choice and the event was postponed, I thought it was about time I got a little festive and dug out some of my gold polishes.

Chanel Nail Colour in Gold Fiction

I had forgotten that a few years ago I had picked up a bottle of Chanel Gold Fiction, a limited edition nail polish. For some reason it had been hidden amongst a number of Nails Inc shades that had been relegated to my second division storage box, but I thought it was time to see what this colour had in store (unlike other Chanel shades you can't see the colour of the polish from the outside). Unfortunately, it would appear there was a very good reason why this polish had been relegated!

I normally don't mind golds, but this shade is everything I hate. It is far too yellow for my taste, clashes with the pink in my skin tone and there was still visible nail line after 4 coats of polish. To me it looks tacky, and I almost feel like I am blaspheming saying that about a Chanel product! I have numerous OPI shades that could be described as gold which I really like, but something about Gold Fiction just makes my skin crawl. I officially hate it.

4 coats of Chanel Gold Fiction plus top coat
(Sorry for the poor application but I took the photo after a few days of wear)
Apart from my objection to the colour itself, the quality of the varnish seemed well below par. It was hard to get even coverage and four coats still didn't provide the kind of finish I could get from OPI with two. Sadly, I doubt Gold Fiction will ever see the light of day again. I think it's a good job this shade is no longer available as I could never recommend it!

For those gold lovers out there (Jeanie, I'm looking at you!), what are your favourite shades for manicures?

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  1. Hi jennifer

    I nearly bought this when it first came out but I decided against it(who really knows why).... your post makes me glad I passed.

    I find when a polish gives me trouble with coverage (like you had here needing coat after coat), I use a ridge filling type product (Zoya is what I have and it's sort of milky in tone) that helps to hide the nail line. Some polishes are just helpless though and it sounds like this one is....

    I will have a peek through my stash in the next couple of days to see what golden shades are lurking.

    ps how's your hair doing?