Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Dark Side featuring Nars

I meant to finish this post weeks ago but got distracted by other things so here it is, better late than never. I have two other posts in this series and will endeavour to get them up this weekend.

Left to right: Terre de Feu, Dirty Shame, Porte Vecchio

Today's trio is all by Nars, 3 different dark shades giving 3 different finishes. The products are:
  • Nars Matte lipstick in Terre de Feu
  • Nars Lip gloss in Dirty Shame
  • Nars Lipstick in Porte Vecchio

    Swatches left to right: Terre de Feu, Dirty Shame, Porte Vecchio
 I think you can see from the swatches that even though they all look alike in the first picture, they are actually very different when swatched. I wish I had learnt never to judge a lipstick by its cover a long time ago, would have saved myself many bad purchases!

Porte Vecchio is very sheer in texture so would be ideal if you are a little afraid of a dark lip. It leans very brown and having just swatched it quite heavily on my wrist, it looks like a bad bruise! It is a warmer shade than most I am featuring and reminds me a little of a less intense version of the Dior Pinstripe Plum. It's very easy to wear and I think would look lovely on a dark skin. I'm going to be posting (late I know) on the blush featured in the Nars Fall Collection, Douceur, but I think this lipstick would work well with it as it also has a lot of brown in it.

If you want to embrace the trend for all things matte ( I don't mind it on the lips but I can't be doing with it on nails), Terre de Feu is a fabulous colour. It is much more my idea of a classic dark lip, a cool, rich shade which makes a great alternative to red. It is best described as a pinky purple, and would give you that Morgana look that is so stunning in Merlin - just watching the finale of it as I write this, for me the best thing about Saturday night TV in the UK, have never watched X Factor in my life.

I love Morgana's makeup, the actress looks like a cross between Rachel Weiss and Keira Knightley, I would imagine a makeup artist's dream. Very happy to see the return of Lancelot this episode as he is almost as beautiful as this lipstick! While I'm rambling about Merlin, anyone else think that the guy who plays the wizard would have been a far better choice than Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter? When I was reading the books, he is far more what I imagined in my head as Harry.

Santiago Cabrera as Lancelot in Merlin
 Getting back to makeup (I told you I was easily distracted), I have included a gloss in my picks for those that find lipstick a bit too much. The good news is that Dirty Shame is almost an exact match to Terre de Feu, but sheerer and with a hint of shimmer. So if you love the shade of the matte lipstick but not the finish, Dirty Shame might be the answer. For the ultimate winter lip, Dirty Shame looks perfect layered over Terre de Feu, giving it that extra bit of dimension for full impact. Even though the undertones are very different, layering the gloss over Porte Vecchio also creates a pretty, more muted autumnal lip. I'm not a massive fan of lip gloss because I like a lot of colour on my lips but this is one of my favourites.

In this series of posts I have been focusing very much on colour, but I should add that I find Nars lip products aren't the most forgiving on less than perfect lips. They can feel a bit dry compared to the very creamy textures that feature in the line ups of other brands so it is something to be aware of. Even though my lips are usually hideously chapped, it doesn't stop me buying or wearing Nars, I just ensure I wear lip balm underneath.

It's been a while since I have deviated from my usual Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils but since swatching these three Nars beauties, they have taken pride of place on my (rather crowded and stained) dressing table.


  1. Love these kind of colours. Dirty Shame looks fab. Currently don't own anything by NARS, but I can see that being rectified asap.... lol

  2. Both Port Vecchio and Dirty Shame look lovely! I know what you mean about Harry Potter. The guy who plays Lancelot was the artist from Heroes. I much prefer him in Merlin!
    Jane x

  3. Hi Leanne,
    You definitely need some Nars in your life!

    I remember as a teenager one of the first expensive (i.e. not Boots 17) products I saved up for was Nars Lip laquer in Baby Doll, a beautiful pink gloss. I would wear it everyday to school back in the day when makeup wasn't really allowed, but that plus some brown mascara and neutral eyeshadow was OK - I feel so old now!

    The artist palettes are a great way to try the brand, pricey but you do get a good selection of product and the colour combinations are usually very well thought out X

    Hi Jane,
    I thought I recognised him from somewhere, he didn't last long in Heroes did he? He is a very good addition to Merlin, the total opposite in looks to Arthur, much more my type.

    Did you know that the guy who plays Merlin is actually Irish? I was astonished when I heard him speak normally because his English accent is impeccable. He deserves to go far X